Weapons 09/03/20/f “M-16 is designed for girls”: why the West “Kalash” is considered the best weapon

Kalashnikov is deservedly legendary status. They are not only armed with many armies and military units, it is even on the flags of the States. In Africa the widespread male name Kalash. USA is probably the most extensive market for the sale of the Kalashnikov. Moreover, the concern “Kalashnikov” has developed a new AK-308 chambered for NATO. And how do you evaluate the group’s products are Western experts?

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First – about a new development. The basis was the AK-103, with elements and nodes of the AK-12. The machine is chambered for 7,62×51 mm, adopted in NATO. The shop holds 20 rounds, weight unloaded machine – 4.3 kg, the website of the kalashnikov.media.

it is Worth noting that in the Western military and expert circles at the machine “Kalashnikov” is popular, one might even say praise. For example, the American experts have declared the AK the best small arms of the century, said Military Channel from USA. Popular American publication The National Interest after the test gave the palm to the Kalashnikov assault rifle, not an American M-16. “The machine was able to work in a very difficult combat, and survived after a very heavy pollution,” writes NI.

went Even further American military expert Cookman. He believes that M-16 is designed for girls, but the Kalashnikov is a weapon of war. The fact that the AK uses metal, not aluminum – plus in combat. It is reliable and trouble free. “My opinion is: if I was going to throw somewhere in Cambodia, I’d take a AK-74… You can drown it in mud and it will still continue to shoot,” says Cookman.

in addition, Cookman said that a Kalashnikov and structurally simple to use, even untrained arrowsOK will quickly understand how to use the machine, while the M-16 is equipped with many buttons and levers, in which without special training do not understand.

the Internet for the Kalashnikov

In YouTube you can find videos of the program about the weapon, which was led by Lee ermey. A former Sergeant in the U.S. marine corps, he played the legendary gunnery Sergeant Hartman in “full Metal shell” by Stanley Kubrick. The program compares Ermi small arms from different countries, arranging the tests shooting. Usually wins the American. But AK has earned Lee ermey from all sorts of superlatives.

American bloggers covering gun theme, definitely give it the first place products of concern “Kalashnikov”. Moreover, this is not a speculative construction, and field testing, to forge which it is impossible. Perhaps the only differences cause dimensions and weight AK. There are those who believe both redundant. But much more gun bloggers have linked these parameters with the reliability and performance of the AK. The only thing the M-16 has the advantage over the AK is the accuracy. But in terms of combat, experts say, when the two sides exchanged showers of bullets, this is not so important, it’s not about sniper shooting.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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