“men live gladly in the day, eat what you want,” says sports scientist Michael Despeghel, who has written a couple of bestsellers on the topic of nutrition, on the Advisory Board of the Foundation for men’s health sits, and from next year at the Leibniz University of Hannover, the module “behavioral health” will take care of. “But who would want to have a high quality of life beyond 65, you must deal consciously with his body, and since the diet is essential.”

The 58-Year-old, self-slim and athletic, he’s posing on its Website in white, tight-fitting Sweatshirt, and with a writing pad in front of the supermarkets of this world, to count men with normal abdominal volumes. “It takes up to ten minutes, until one comes along, just on the Land.” In the underground he thought on some days in vain for slim men on the look-out.


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