The man took off with the support of the Crimean bridge

Photo credit: the telegram-channel Hue

a Man climbed on one of the pillars of the Crimean places, took out the Metropolitan firefighters and rescue workers, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

the Incident occurred in the night of 1 to April 2. The man climbed on the support of the Crimean bridge, noted the duty search and rescue station. After an alert at the scene arrived with rescue boat duty shift.

the Ship was under the Crimean bridge in case the man fell. At the same time, firefighters and rescue workers nearly three hours to persuade a man to go down.

as a result of negotiations the citizen was rescued,and the operation was successfully completed. About the motives of the act does not reported.

on 28 February a similar incident occurred on the Moscow river bridge, and three days earlier was the same case – according to unconfirmed information, the man thus wanted to draw the attention of his wife, who left him.

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