The first appearance of the angel in “The Masked Singer” impressed the Jury and the audience to the same depth: To listen no angels the same, thin little voice is and is not a delicate fairy beings. Instead, a deep rocking, powerful voice, the sovereign “Sweet Dreams” in the Version of Marilyn Manson smashes.

A large and presumably strong Person – after all, this elaborate costume consists of 50 (!) Metres of fabric and weighs around 25 kilograms. The angel has to cope with by the way, while he delivers his vocal performance scores. “Behind the angel, a man is hidden!”, has combines, therefore, a Jury member Ruth Moschner sharp as a knife.

“The Masked Singer”: The angel performs “Sweet Dreams” The angel in “The Masked Singer”: a professional?

in view of the convincing Performance a lot of viewers to tap into the social networks on a professional singer, such as the counts of the music:

What are the reasons for this assumption: body size and stature would fit in any case. Sing the count can also. And the statement, “The people love to listen to my sounds” is actually a little overblown. Would fit.

“The Masked Singer”: The angel is a devil

The real Cover Version of Manson’s Songs point to a singer who knows how to get to roaring Heavy metal. This can only be a real Rocker. And the audience, tap, therefore, again and again Till Lindemann of Rammstein.

However, Lindemann has made it necessary to spend his time with a Show by ProSieben? Hard to say:

After all, the angels confessed “In every angel, a little devil is”. A statement that would probably apply very well to Lindemann.

“The Masked Singer”: Is Kesici angel?

Martin Kesici would also be a conceivable Alternative: The man is very rocky on the road – a Marilyn Manson Performance is for him to suspect quite. And also other circumstantial evidence speak for him: In a scene of angels playing cards and Kesici was time at PokerStars TV Total. Oh, Yes: His first Single was called the “Angel of Berlin”.

Except for the names of these three professional singers, the names of other celebrity appear enter. About Olivia Jones:

For body size and stature would speak. Also Jones would wuppen a 25 kg heavy costume with the left. Whether you can sing rock? Maybe. Only the self-assessment, “I have many faces. However, in the center of it all? As an angel I don’t“ does not fit am to her.

The angel in “The Masked Singer”: the IndizienGar are not even far-fetched: A Commedian in “The Masked Singer”

This is true of even the Commedian Bülent Ceylan. But who knows? On Twitter, many to trust him to the role of the angel:

Who is the angel in “The Masked Singer”? These are the favorites in the guessing game

Whom the audience for the angels? Currently, most of the participants, tap at m-rate game “The Masked Singer” on the side of ProSieben to Campino, the frontman of the “dead pants”. On Campino comedian Bülent Ceylan show and the Rammstein singer Till Lindemann consequences.

1. Campino

2. Bülent Ceylan

3. Till Lindemann

4. The Graf

5. Olivia Jones

6. David Garrett

7. Martin Kesici

8. Hella von sinnen

9. Conchita Wurst

On Thursday the new episode of “The Masked Singer”. Then there is one more Performance of the angel and perhaps unique clues to the true identity des angel.

The first episode of the Show was on 27. June broadcast. Five more will follow. Each week will now retire to a celebrity, and at the end of the episode, his true identity reveal.

In the first episode of “The Masked Singer” has not been revealed only a celebrity, there were also belonging to the vortex to a XXL-cleavage. There’s even a Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel cannot remain silent.

a further figure of the Rate-Show very much speculation: Who is behind the Astronaut? Here we have compiled all the rumors, and, of course, the clues for you. And also about the Kakadu, there are various guesses.


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