Berlin (dpa/tmn) – E-scooter recently, especially in big cities more and more often to the streetscape. But harmless they are not shown as the first serious accidents.

What users need to know of purchased or rented E-scooters to be safer electrically to scooters? We have asked Siegfried Brockmann of the accident research of the insurers (UDV).

question: The scooters are now for a few weeks out on the road, the first accidents, for example, cars are already happening, what have you observed?

answer: most of you know that you must use the Bicycle path or the road. What I see: Even if bike paths are there, and, a fortiori, if it is not there, it is used very frequently of the walkway. That is why I believe that there is currently the greatest danger for all Concerned is lurking. So both the scooter driver, if a pedestrian runs in the way, will inevitably plunge, as well as the pedestrian will be injured in case of doubt, difficult. The first couple of accidents, we have seen, will not be the typical accidents. But I’m afraid that will play the main problem between scooter riders and pedestrians.

question: What makes a safe scooter?

answer: The handling of this scooter always depends on the wheel size. There are still very cheap models with very small wheels to buy that are very fast and unsafe. What I’ve seen so far in the rental market, has a reasonable wheel size. This can also be somewhat Thresholds safe and ground waves mastered. We have already been tried and tested in the Test. The Problem seems to me to be rather the other way around. To win relatively quickly, a false sense of security. You underestimated that 20 km/h, if it comes to conflicts, for example, with car and cyclists or pedestrians, are a significant energy, and is, perhaps, too careless on the road.

question: What is with the brakes important?

answer: The all have to comply with the statutory requirements. I need two independent brakes, one for front and one for rear wheel, need to have a certain minimum braking effect. The Problem is, conversely, rather, is that it has the front may be too much brake effect, and then, if the front wheel locks, you go as with all single-track vehicles over the Handlebars.

question: Rear, some models have a foot brake, the artist sounds pretty Japanese.

answer: That you get relatively quickly. For quick braking, the front wheel is the ultimate.

question: The Interplay of front and rear brake, you should therefore practice extensively?

answer: Yes, but certainly not like I’m going alone through the Practice in life is a risk, but, for example, in an empty Parking lot. Because you can approach, and this is where the pressure point of the brake, how sharp responds.

question: But to use both brakes at the same time?

answer: As it should be.

question: topic Draw – what’s the best?

answer: Essentially, it works to Draw in the case of single-track vehicles such as the bike with weight shifting. This means that the times in which you can respond, extend more. The extreme example of the goalkeeper, the penalty kick in the wrong corner on the way, can no longer stop his movement. Everything I do with weight shift, need for driving a forward-looking, because I can change that in a fraction of a second. To abrupt steering movements, for example by panic, always lead to a fall.

question: How do I get best over a flattened curb?

answer: we have tested with the small wheel quite feasible. You do not need to take just a little bit of speed out of the scooter jumps. At low speed, the vehicle actually stays stable. The only question is, whether one is observant enough. We feel that people mean to be able to, for example, at the same time on the phone. But so what, I do not urge, because the are stable enough to drive with one Hand. Also if you can distract and obstacles do not see, it is really dangerous.

question: Some people keep both feet on the scooter parallel to the narrow running Board. Right?

answer: Well, my own Practice says quite clearly that I am, when I stand in a row. While the space is hardly enough, or actually not, if I’m standing next to each other. And naturally, that poses the danger, that I’m going to slip with a foot, which immediately instability of the entire vehicle.

question: Some models have a Cup holder that some people use to attach the Hand or tote bag a practical idea?

answer: additional Weights, I think anything at all, especially if you can commute. The drink may still be in order, which is exactly in the same axis as the Arm. But as soon as there is something you can commute, it is very dangerous and could bring the entire vehicle is relatively quickly out of balance.

question: key question: What is not with a helmet, I need Yes, the law actually?

answer: I would advise, but am realistic enough that this will not work from the own vehicle. If I borrow such a thing, the charm just the fact that I can decide spontaneously.

question: Small wheels, brake levers and maybe a foot brake, under the circumstances,änd a Display, a throttle, a bell, should I go on ahead-looking – to be honest, as long as I need until it works?

answer: I think anything is manageable – especially if I stick to the road rules. It says I can only drive so fast that I can control the vehicle at any time. Many people don’t know this and do not behave like that. The E-scooters that you buy as a private vehicle, a drive, maybe two hours, and out of it has the handles and can also coordinate any combination. The Problem is if I use such devices only once a week, or once a month use, comes no automatism. And you have to adapt each Time to the vehicle. A particular danger is certainly.

question: Is there a group of people, for the E-scooter basically nothing?

answer: no, I wouldn’t say so. Also when I think of senior citizens, there are so many different fitness levels that I would not rule out the principle first.

question: But a certain degree of basic fitness and coordination, I must have, right?

answer: So if I have Running problems with the balance, then I would let it be. And also, if I drank alcohol. Since the same limits apply as with a car, which many of you know. From 0.5 per thousand is an administrative offence, from 1.1 per thousand, it is a criminal Offence. So do not drink and then a scooter to borrow.


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