Cologne – A new Rate-Show delighted TV viewers in Germany: In “The Masked Singer” to occur ten celebrities in oversized, elaborate and concealing costumes on each other. There are a total of five duels in the two-hour Live broadcast, which is always on Thursdays, Prime-time on ProSieben and Matthias Opdenhövel will be moderated.

The first episode was on may 27. June broadcast. Five more are yet to follow up on 1. August, the winner of the first season of “The Masked Singer” is determined. Each week will now be retiring a VIP and at the end of the broadcast off my mask.

the object of the Stars is to keep your identity as long as possible a secret. The participants come from all sorts of areas of life – are not necessarily as a singer, famous. But they sing, dance and give with a disguised voice a couple of notes about your Person. Studio guests and viewers puzzles then: Who is hiding under the fairing? And even the Rate Team, consisting of Ruth Moschner, Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, Max Giesinger, and a weekly changing guest experts, gives his guess.

so Far, a Monster, a butterfly, an angel, a grasshopper, a cockatoo, an octopus (Ex-“No Angels”singer Lucy Diakovska flew in a row, one out), a Panther, a Kudu, a squirrel, an Astronaut sang in “The Masked Singer”. The latter in particular seems to have the audience impressed. But who is the Astronaut?

“The Masked Singer”: Who’s the Astronaut? The evidence from the first shipment

Prior to each appearance in “The Masked Singer” is a short one-player some clues as to the identity of the candidate. What is important is not to only listen to the words of the masked celebrities, but also pay attention to the scene image and items.

The Astronaut began his presentation with the words: “can you Hear me? Germany. Germany. Can you hear me? Here, the Astronaut speaks. Initialise Mission ‘The Masked Singer’.” Then you saw him suddenly in a glittering vintage car, on the red carpet and how he gave another Person a key with a heart key pendant.

It’s a change of scene followed: The Astronaut stood on a junkyard, danced and then made a photo of a cuckoo clock with a Polaroid camera. “My appearance to the outside bright, my core archaic. Light and weightless, always in search of new galaxies,“ he added.

But what’s with the red Buzzer on? An indication to participate in the ProSieben Show “The Voice of Germany”? Also, the Baby doll, the Astronaut held on to the Arm, and the shield with the inscription “Prof. Dr. Astronaut” is causing many of the viewers are probably questioning faces. The following words made the confusion perfect: “White is the light of my home planet, but I love it colourful.”

The Astronaut sang in the shower, where glitter trickled down to him. It also has a “glitter-Shampoo-to-date” at the bottom, on the “1000% rays” and to read maybe another important note – “quality since 2004” was. The Astronaut sums it up: “Start the Countdown! Today I’m going to soar to new heights and fill you with my colorful Explosion conquer. Resistance is futile.“

“The Masked Singer”: Who’s the Astronaut? Rate Team has a number of tips

Who is behind the astronaut costume in “The Masked Singer”? The Rate of Team was a few seconds before the singing on the tube. “I’m really confused degree total,” said Collien Ulmen-Fernandes. Singer Rea Garvey, a guest of the Rate Team in the first episode, suspected behind the mask of a Star from the 80s.

With his Interpretation of the song “Hello” by Adele, the Astronaut created enthusiasm in the audience. There was a Standing ovation. For Ulmen-Fernandes, it was “definitely by far the best appearance”. Ruth Moschner was immediately clear: “He is definitely a professional singer.”

The 43-Year-old left viewers to their thoughts: “We have seen the Rolls Royce, we have seen the glitter heart. Glittering world… Shampoo… I think it is actually a pop Star, shows us his other side. And it is a mega big hit-Star.“

The Irishman Rea Garvey threw in: “Or ‘The Hoff’ (David Hasselhoff). Could be. Hey, you can sing it.“ “Yesterday posted on Instagram that he is in Cologne,” said Moschner. “Ne, really? So if this is really David Hasselhoff, then I’m not only on his next concert, then I’m a Background singer. That was madness,“ says Garvey.

+ is The Rate-Team, “The Masked Singer” puzzled: Who is behind the astronaut costume?© dpa / Henning Kaiser

Max Giesinger stressed the importance of the one-player shown in the cuckoo clock. “Which are manufactured in Baden-Württemberg”, said the 30-Year-old. “Are there any baden-württemberg singers that sound? Laith Al-Deen, Xavier Naidoo? Or, I mean Astronaut, Andreas Bourani has made a Song about an astronaut, or maybe it sounds so in English, we have heard it so far only in German.“

“The Masked Singer”: Who’s the Astronaut? The viewers

on The net speculate the TV to carry viewers over the astronauts, which is accustomed according to his own statement, a helmet. “Smudo is an Astronaut. Helmet due to racers, cuckoo clock, because of Baden-Württemberg,“ he says, a User on Twitter. Also the red Buzzer could be due to the member of the “Fantastic Four“ indicate. Finally, the 51-Year-old long-time judge for “The Voice of Germany”.

another user is certain: “The Astronaut is guaranteed Haddaway. Has played a doctor title (= “Dr. Astronaut”-sign in the one-player) and American Football (helmet).” In the social networks is also the Name of Max Mutzke is common to find. “The Astronaut must be Max Mutzke. Comes from Baden-Württemberg and started his career in 2004 at TV Total Casting (from clues Video),“ writes a spectator.

Xavier Naidoo, Max Giesinger into the game had brought, speaks according to Twitter User “Jaxine”: “Comes from Baden-Württemberg and since he’s never without a hat, it could be the helmet nod.”

More celebs rumored to be among the astronauts facing could put, are the TV hosts Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Eckart von Hirschhausen, Ex-formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg and singer Sascha.

On The Masked Singer “in”Fans of the game also in a rate of your tips. Currently, Andreas Bourani is there in front of Max Mutzke and Xavier Naidoo. On the places four to 12 Sam Smith, Adel Tawil, Nelson Müller, Smudo, Sido, David Hasselhoff follow, Wolke Hegenbarth, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Felix Neureuther.

“The Masked Singer”: Who’s the Astronaut? All of the assumptions in the Overview

Who is the Astronaut in “The Masked Singer”? We have compiled all of the guesses for you:

Leith Al-Deen Andreas Bourani Haddaway David Hasselhoff Wolke Hegenbarth Klaas Heufer-Umlauf Max Mutzke, Nelson Müller, Xavier Naidoo, Felix Neureuther Nico Rosberg Sasha Sam Smith Sido Smudo Adel Tawil Eckart von Hirschhausen



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