Pettenbach – The Robex Arena in Pettenbach/circle Kirchdorf an der Krems, has a special drink on offer. Not the “splash”, vulgo wine spritzer, there’s everywhere here, no, it is the football-water, there is to purchase for the unbeatable price of one Euro. Who doesn’t want to make the beer for fair 3,50 Euro on Thursday evening, during the Test of the lions against Blau-Weiß Linz, the handle to the football water. The secret here is not large; “A Soft Läätungswosser”, explained to the counter force.

a Similar gain in knowledge of the game was. “Defensively, it was in the first half, in order,” said coach Daniel Bierofka. “Offensively, the last liveliness is missing.” 0:1 (0:0) lost in the Sixties against the last year’s Fifth, the Austrian Second League thanks to a goal vonSamir Mehmeti in the 81. Minute.

+ Powered his Team tirelessly: Trainer Daniel Bierofka could cheer no match to his lions.© sampics / Stefan Matzke / Stefan Matzke Bekiroglu and Greilinger convince

In a battle stressed, playful, needy game in front of 450 spectators, were able to leave the white-and-blue players only Efkan Bekiroglu and Youngster Fabian Greilinger (18) with a lasting impression. The former, because he moved the balls like a Magnet, and the game with an impressive physical presence of the drive. The second one, because he threw his heart as barren replacement on the court, such as punctured delivery and zubiss that even veteran lions fans zuprosteten excited – some even with football-water. Not to forget

: goalkeeper Marco Hiller, who was allowed only 90 minutes to play through (competitor Hendrik Bonmann Sunday against Ried) belongs to. Twice, Hiller kept the lions in the utmost Distress from a previous residue, also the uncertainties in the all-too-frequent back passes were less pronounced than the last time. Not an easy decision, the Trainer Daniel Bierofka is about to begin in the coming week.

Hardly duels to the regular places

The Rest of the squad selection for the first Eleven is likely to be easier for you. To Greilinger/Willsch, there are currently no serious open competition. The preparation of the first mid-term is on 19. July to the Grünwalder stadium, skating on ice. That is yet another striker – and thus a contender for the against Linz twice in front of the gate to be unhappy active Sascha moelders in addition, little is likely to be. The shareholder meeting on Wednesday brought no progress in terms of loan conversion.

Without growing capital is, according to the sports Director, Günther Gorezel not even a lending transaction can be realized. It’s different for Bierofkas desire players Sascha Marinkovic and Aaron Berzel. Both the striker as well as defenders of private patrons, are available with financing. Now it’s up to the management to make money and good will, KGaA-compatible contracts. It would be a start.

+ In the attack without real competition: On Sascha Mölders, the hopes rest on the offense.© sampics / Stefan Matzke / Stefan MatzkeDie statement from the TSV 1860 München

Hiller – Paul (46. Willsch), Weber (46. Long), Erdmann (46. Siebdrat) Steinhart (46. Classes)- Child’s Father (46. Span Berger), Seferings (46. Niemann), Wine (46. Dressel), Greilinger (46. Böhnlein) – Bekiroglu (46. Marinkovic) – Mölders (46. Ziereis)

Nico Karger justified the fears. The attacking players will be missing the lion longer. Due to a joke over Sixty Moderator Stefan Mross was in his own mission booed. The game plan of the 3. League gives Blue a decent kick-off program.


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