in The tradition-rich “Eiswettfest” in Bremen Mayoress Karoline Linnert (Green) was not desirable. The 60-Year-old had to represent the government of Bremen-in-chief Carsten Sieling (SPD), who was invited but could not attend. Sieling was at the funeral of the killed Gdansk mayor Pawel Adamowicz. Linnert is the Protocol according to the official representative Sielings, but has not been loaded by the “Association Eiswette of 1829” to the fundraising meal.

“We are a gentleman not are club, make this Gendergaga with”

The traditional “Eiswettfest” hundreds of men, in order to collect donations for the “Deutsche Gesellschaft zur rettung schiffbrüchiger”. Eiswett-President Patrick Wendisch said the “Bild”newspaper to the much-criticized invitation: “We are a gentlemen’s club, with make this Gendergaga. Even the Pope would not be invited if he were a woman.” Bremen’s mayor made their displeasure about the decision on Facebook air and commented on the decision: “We celebrate in Germany 100 years of women’s right to vote and the Eiswette keeps it under the guise of the Tradition still is right, women are excluded.” Your post received nearly 100 comments, including a lot of encouragement, but also plenty of criticism.

Eiswettfest in Bremen “does not Make Gendergaga”: the mayor must not feast to feast, because she is a woman Linnert DPA: “The organisers have missed a big opportunity”

Linnert of the decision of the organizer was Surprised. “I thought so. That’s been the case for decades,” says the politician to the star. You would have done the “Eiswett”organizer rather sorry, after all, you would have a great Chance to break with the old Tradition, not used. Also the reactions on Facebook Linnert according to his own statement, without prejudice. If someone ride nonsense verb, is never nice, but you wouldn’t have time to read all the comments and messages on Facebook.

“There’s been comical arguments. The woman’s sauna, for example. This is also an exclusive site for women only. But I am of the opinion that it is something else, whether we are talking about a privately-organized a Sauna, or a public event.” To the question of why the organizers have criticized on Facebook at all, she says, such as from the gun shot: “What was I supposed to do?!” Advanced Green politicians were in Bremen, finally, for 30 years for a change of regime. This is part of green policy on women.

“Where is the respect for the Constitution”

missing, missing in The men of the Bremen “Eiswette,” the Green politician, “the necessary respect for the Constitution.” For them, it’s a question of whether you should decide as a “Eiswett”-the organizer himself, who represents the government. The answer is clearly “no”. “That was just too much. The measure is full,” said Linnert in the star interview.

sources: Facebook page of Karoline Linnert /

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