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a Long time tattooing the body had a sacred meaning: symbol charms were supposed to give strength and to protect from evil spirits. The most ancient evidence of tattooing in Europe – the mummy of an ancient hunter ötzi the age of five thousand years. However, the representatives of the European civilization, which includes Russians, this tradition began to appear only after the contacts with the Indians and Maori.

the Only mention of “tattoos” the time of pre-Christian Russia can be found in the Arabic geographer Ibn Fadlan: Rus in the first Millennium the green paint was painted on the neck of the trees, to emphasize the unity with nature. With the advent of Christianity the attitude to drawings on the body has changed in a negative direction, although no official bans have been issued. The Bible has criticized the assimilation of the pagan tribes, and any change in the “God-given” appearance.

a Pioneer in Russia in the case of tattoo was known as a military adventurer and traveler Pushkin’s time Fyodor Ivanovich Tolstoi, known as “the American” who learned strange custom of indigenous peoples in the Aleutian Islands. And no wonder: the tattoos were often done by representatives of the foreign culture: Nicholas II, as crown Prince, is “painted” yourself with a dragon during a visit to Japan, and ataman Annenkov visited Chinese drawing salons. Anyway, these were isolated cases, and the tattoo does not become a mass phenomenon from the land forces of the Russian Empire. The case when cavalry army of Budyonny made on the body a portrait of his commander in the Civil war.

Quite another matter — the customs and life of Russian sailors. They are still in the early XX century were the polls to cover body parts with images of daggers, anchors, skulls, mermaids, sea gulls or other creatures. It was a special ritual for the unity with the sea, the sign of belonging to the waves even on land. As recalled inthe man behind the memoirs of a red army soldier Weiss B., the Northern Fleet of the 1920-ies the new recruits have joined the team, decorating the hands of the anchors. The sailors later there were even images of butterflies, from the era of the NEP associated with the “priestesses of love”, as well as obscene scenes with naked girls as a symbol of a kind of homesickness and the female sex.

the inhabitants of the Soviet Union tattooed people are mostly associated with criminals, criminals or repressed who have been through labor camp. In part, this statement is true. But do not forget that during the great Patriotic war was finally formed and spread the canons of army tattoos. Drawing by definition should be simple and give a complete portrait of a fighting way of the owner: branch of service, date of call, hometown, memorable dates. Individual veterans were placed on the wrist and shoulders initials, stars, memorable scenes (for example, the capture of Berlin). Other, under the influence of the prison tradition, stuffed crosses, or of Lenin in profile. Very rare photo of the characters you can see a tattoo in the form of text without images.

Much later the tradition was adopted by the soldiers-Afghans. One of the most frequent subjects — cartridge with indication of blood group and RH factor — people believed that such information can help doctors. Other tattoo portrayed military equipment (Armored personnel carriers, helicopters) and equipment (parachutes, and Kalashnikovs), as well as shields and bats. On the picture you can understand who is in front of you: a paratrooper or motorized infantry. Unique examples of tattoos with a local touch: it is the mountain gorge, the domes of the mosques with the Islamic calendar, stylized inscriptions in Cyrillic, Arabic script, or even the word “Afghan” in Latin. These drawings are extremely important to the owner and retain the memory of being in a foreign country, the combat brotherhood, and performed the duty.

Ivan Komarnicki

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