Catalonia, the black hole that devours all, The leader of the ANC and the CUP you’ll excuse the violent incidents ‘Lisa’ Puigdemont and ‘Gandalf’ Torra

The members of the Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) imprisoned for terrorism by order of the National Audience, had a mission: to storm the Parliament and “defend” for a week the president Catalan, Quim Torra, proclaimed the Republic without being arrested. Ferran Jolis, one of those arrested —that should secure communications, told the judge that the occupation was a request that came “from above, of the Presidency… of Torra”.

The Civil Guard attributed to Ferran Jolis the creation of so-called Teams of Tactical Response (ERT), the more combative of the CDR. Seven of them were jailed last September for membership in a terrorist group, possession of explosives and conspiracy to commit havoc. The analysis of the phone conversations leads researchers to conclude that the ERT had a “plan of conspiracy against the political institutions of the State in Catalonia”. And that the spearhead of that plan was to “the assault and subsequent illegal occupation of the Parliament” to blindarlo and avoid that you could access it from the outside.

The first track on the alleged occupation reached the ears of the police in October 2018, when Xavier Buigas —forester of 48 years and exconcejal of Esquerra— called Jolis to explain to him that a “secret group” called “CNI Catalan” had been contacted to undertake an “action” in the Parliament. Buigas took the assignment and, later, during the registration in its country house of Sant Pere de Torello, the agents found a book handwritten with notes on the “Casa Gran”. There indicated that it was important to have “relays”, to organize “lectures and colloquia antirrepresivos” in the gardens in front of the Camera and also everything related to the logistics: one or two vans, tents, tables…

The case is that Buigas explained the operational details: the occupation was to be carried out “by the front door,” and that he, as a group, “reduced”, supported by that of course CNI Catalan, they were going to “rent buildings and premises” to give them security and bases. To Jolis asked him to take care of what they best knew to do: computer science and telecommunications. Was to establish a “secure communication network and undetectable” to further releases from the interior of the building.

“I am playing the ass, because if I get caught I will put terrorism and organized gang,” said Jolis, somewhat prescient, in a talk in the next days. The computer expert, you had the phone intervened but did not realize it, added in other talks that the aim was to “resist one week” in the Parliament, and that to do so, they were going to need “to have two floors with swiss “and to mount antennas for long distance”. They would also utilize the wifi networks nearby establishments. And would need, of course, money: about 6,000 euros.

Ferran Jolis: “I was told that the president Torra was agreed to occupy the Parliament”

After being arrested, Jolis chose to declare. Before the Civil Guard, said that the 1-Or “affected him deeply” and that belonging to the RDA had helped to overcome a depression. And he admitted that one of the objectives of the assault was that the president Torra “is to stay locked inside for the D-day”, or when made known to them the judgment of the procés against pro-independence leaders. In that statement, and later before the judge, said that the assignment on the storming of the Parlament “was part of Presidency of the Generalitat.

Jordi Ros, also imprisoned, was the other member of the ERT who preferred to declare. And confirmed the existence of a plan (frustrated) of occupation with details even more amazing. According to his statement, another of the parties involved, Alexis Codina, said it’s a good idea to do this would be to “go knocking” the Mossos d’esquadra stationed in front of the Parliament, “reduce it and put flanges by way of wives”. Codina also mentioned, always according to his statement, that it was “important to go for the head of the device for descabezarlo”. Ros and Codina spoke of these ends after the Diada of September 11, in which a variety of people protested in front of the Parlament and were evicted by the Mossos. Asked by the agents, Ros said that sometimes, between the members of the group, known as the colla de diables.

The name of Quim Torra appears so profuse in the summary of the National Audience, but also that of his predecessor, Carles Puigdemont. The Guardia Civil described a meeting “secret” of the ERT with the sister of the expresident, fled to Belgium from the Spanish justice. The goal was to “provide documentation sensitive and establishing secure communications” between Puigdemont and Torra. The encounter took place inside a car “in motion” and there was delivered the material “super confidential”, that the reports do not itemize. Yes highlight the “exceptional” security measures, own of “criminal organizations”: vehicles shuttle vehicles back counter-surveillance, telecommunications, secure or stations.


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