The most amazing feats of Soviet soldiers in the great Patriotic

Heroes 27/02/20 the Most amazing feats of Soviet soldiers in the great Patriotic

During the great Patriotic war of the Soviet people displayed unprecedented heroism and became once again an example of self-sacrifice in the name of Victory. The red army and the guerrillas did not spare himself in combat with the enemy. However, there were cases when the victory was mined not by the strength and courage and cunning and shrewdness.

the Winch against the impregnable Bunker

During the battle of Novorossiysk on the beachhead “Malaya Zemlya” have served and fought marine Stepan pike is a descendant of the Kerch fishermen, generations hunted in the Black sea.

Thanks to his wit soldiers managed to take an enemy pillbox (long-term fiery point), which had previously seemed impregnable. It was a stone house with thick walls, which was blocked by barbed wire. On the “thorn” was hung empty cans, rattled by every touch.

All attempts to take the DOT battle ended with the failure of the assault team suffered losses from machine-gun, mortar and artillery fire and were forced to retreat. Stepan was able to get a winch with a rope, and at night, quietly close to the wire fence, hitched to it this cable. And when he came back, he brought the mechanism into action.

When the Germans saw the crawling boom, first opened fire and then ran out of the house. Here they were captured. Later they told me that, seeing the crawling obstacle, scared that we are dealing with evil spirits, and panicked. The Fort was taken without loss.

the Turtles-saboteurs

Another case occurred on the same “Small earth”. In the area were found many turtles. Somehow one of the fighters came up with the idea to tie one of them tin can and release the amphibian in the direction of the German fortifications.

Hearing the strumming, the Germans underumali that the soldiers cut the barbed wire, where the chime was hung empty cans, and about two hours spent ammunition, shooting area, where there was not one soldier.

the next night, our soldiers allowed in the direction of enemy positions dozens of these amphibians, “saboteurs”. The rattling of cans in the absence of a visible enemy did not give the Germans peace, and they have long been spending a huge amount of ammunition of all calibers, fighting off nonexistent enemies.

mine explosion a few hundred kilometers

the Name of Ilya Grigorievich Starinov inscribed a separate line in the history of the Russian army. After the Civil, Spanish, Soviet-Finnish and the Great Patriotic war, he immortalized himself as a unique guerrilla and saboteur. He has created a simple but very effective mines for blowing up German trains. Under his leadership, was prepared by hundreds of bombers, which turned the rear of the German army into a trap. But its most prominent diversion was the destruction of Lieutenant-General George brown, who commanded the 68th infantry division of the Wehrmacht.

When our troops were retreating, leaving Kharkov, the military and directly to the first Secretary of the Kiev regional Committee of the CPSU (b) Nikita Khrushchev insisted that the town on Dzerzhinsky street was booby-trapped house in which he lived Nikita. He knew that the German officers of the command, when you get up to wait in the occupied cities, apartments with maximum comfort, as his house came for this purpose the best.

Ilya Starinov a group of engineers was laid in the boiler room of Khrushchev’s mansion a very powerful bomb which was powered by the radio signal. The soldiers directly in the room dug a 2-meter well and pawned mine with the equipment. The Germans found her, in another corner of the boiler room “hid”, poorly disguised, another mine-hornblende.

a couple of weeks, when the Germans were already fully occupied Kharkov, the explosives were activated. Withthe signal for the explosion was filed all the way from Voronezh, the distance to which was 330 miles. From the house remained only as a funnel, killed several German officers, including the said George brown.

Russian insolent and shoot barn

Many actions of the red army during the great Patriotic war caused the German troops surprise close to shock. Chancellor Otto von Bismarck is credited with the phrase: “Never fight with a Russian. On your every stratagem they answer unpredictable stupidity.”

Reactive systems of volley fire, which our soldiers affectionately nicknamed “Katyusha”, firing shells M-8 caliber 82 mm and M-13 calibre 132 mm. Later began to use more powerful versions of these weapons – rockets caliber 300 mm for the M-30.

the Guide device for such shells was not provided on vehicles, and they made a launcher, which, in fact, governed only by the angle of inclination. The shells were laid on the installation either in one row or two, and directly in the original shipping container, where he lay for 4 rounds in a row. To start it was necessary only to connect the shells to the Dynamo-machine with rotating handle, which initiated ignition of the propellant charge.

Sometimes due to carelessness, and sometimes just negligence, not reading the manual, our gunners had forgotten to take out of the packaging packs wooden blocks projectiles, and they flew to the enemy positions directly in packages. Dimensions of packages of up to two meters, which among the Germans there were rumors that utterly brazen Russian “fire barns.”

With the axe on the tank

No less incredible event occurred in the summer of 1941 in the North-Western front. When part of the 8th armored division of the Third Reich was surrounded by our troops, one of the German tanks entered the forest, where his crew saw a steaming field kitchen. Smoked it, not because it was hit, but because the stove was burning wood, and pots cooked a soldier’s porridge and soup. Next the Germans did not see one. Then the commander got out of the car to get the groceries. But at this point, as from the ground rose the red and rushed at him with an axe in one hand and a rifle in the other.

Tanker quickly jumped back, closed the door and began to shoot at our soldiers from a machine gun. But it was too late – the fighter was too close and was able to get away from the fire. Climbing on the enemy machine, he with an ax began to beat on the gun, not yet bent its trunk. After that, the chef had closed the gap to monitor rag and began to thrash ax is already at the tower. He was alone, but went to a trick – began to shout supposedly nearby comrades, to those rather carried anti-tank grenades to blow the tank, if the Germans do not surrender.

within seconds the hatch of the tank opened and out popped a raised hand. To instruct on the enemy’s rifle, the red army forced the crew members to tie each other up, then ran to stir the preparing food that could burn. Returning to the edge of the soldiers who successfully repelled by the time the attack of the enemy, and found him: he was peacefully stirring his porridge, and next to him sat four prisoners of the Germans and stood near their tank.

the Soldiers were well fed, and the cook received the medal. Name of hero Ivan p. Sereda. He went through the war and have not been awarded.

the Great Otechestvennaia

Vasily Khodarev

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