Another 27/02/20 “Throne of Satan”: that actually represents the Lenin mausoleum

From the first glance at the mausoleum, which still rests the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin, it becomes clear that its form is alien to Russian architecture. Meanwhile it was built by Russian architect Alexey Viktorovich Shchusev, who before the revolution was in the service of the Holy Synod, built temples and designed the iconostasis of the Church of the assumption of the virgin in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

The more surprising form of the mausoleum, created by the Russian architect and far removed not only from Russian architecture in General, but Christianity in General. The mausoleum is reminiscent of the pyramid is a religious building of the polytheists, whose priests, put in the basis of such pogrebalnoe the mummy, creating thus a huge Shrine dedicated to the gods. In red Russia, this God was a New world and embodying his deceased leader.

the Pyramid – a tribute to fashion

the Architects explain strange structures in the world, including in Russia, in XIX century became fashionable Egyptian style. This was due to many archaeological discoveries and the General interest in the culture of ancient peoples.

the art Critic Vera A. Dubrovina in the article “Interpretation of the architectural heritage of Ancient Egypt in early Soviet architecture” writes that at this time in Europe spreading the fashion for hieroglyphs, sphinxes, pyramids and obelisks.

before the revolution in Russia in this style began to make apartment houses in the two capitals, created Egyptian interiors and monuments on the graves. After the revolution, the Bolsheviks turned to this style to the full.

if it had a spiritual point? Of course. Destroying Orthodox churches and overthrowing down the crosses they erected obelisks and pyramids, completely trying to change the face of the country.

it is Curious that the first distribution of pyramids and obelisks connect the French revolution 1789-1794 years. Critics assert that the new time allegedly demanded only new characters, but knowledgeable people, it became obvious that the characters somehow used the old – pagan.

the Ziggurat – a pyramid for human sacrifices

the Decision to build the tomb on the main square of the country was taken four days after the death of Lenin. Surprisingly, both projects that were presented for the consideration of the Bolshevik government were based on the pyramids.

the preference given to the project Shchusev, as it is famous for its ability to fit the new building into the existing ensemble. Indeed, when a few years began to build a permanent stone structure, the architect has cleverly built the mausoleum in the ensemble of the Imperial architecture.

yesterday built a Christian Church, Shchusev had based the mausoleum stepped ziggurat, the pyramid shape was common in pagan Ancient Babylon. In Egypt they were also used: the closest in form to the mausoleum pyramid is the pyramid of Djoser of the Middle Kingdom at Saqqara and the pyramid of the Great Cyrus II (VI century BC) in Mesopotamia.

the shape of a pyramid had to modify slightly was taken into account the desire of the leaders to make the tomb of the podium and make her parade.

critics believe that the step “concise” form of the pyramid just “repeating” the teeth of the Kremlin wall and the “perfect harmony” with the towers of the Cathedral of St. Basil the Great, and the blood-red granite has created a total ensemble and “shaded” the temple, the Kremlin and the Historical Museum, “concluding the topic tiered pyramidal composition area.”

the Total height of the mausoleum with a basement made up of 36 meters is the height of modern desyatietazhki. Over the land rises only 12 meters, and the width of the visible part is 24 meters. “Sole” of the mausoleum is a square with a side length of 72 meters, the diagonal length is 104 meters, and the inclination angle of the pyramid is the classic 45.

It is not a mausoleum is an altar

People interested in spirituality, I believe that the Bolsheviks deliberately set in the main square of the red Empire ziggurat. This “new” old form they not only wanted to emphasize the renunciation of the old world, from the millennial history of the state, which they destroyed, but from Christianity. Perhaps they have used or would like to use it in direct occult purposes.

There is an assumption that Shchusev not only copied the shape of the ziggurat, he and the floor plan laid special symbols, based on the internal organization of the mausoleum of the Pergamon altar, which Christians call “Satan’s seat” – this statement is based on the Apocalypse of the Apostle John in which the Lord speaks to the angel of the Church of Pergamum with the words “You dwell where Satan’s seat is” (Rev. 2:12-13). These words of the theologians associated with the cult of Asclepius in the temple which had a huge snake in Christianity to symbolize the devil.

this indicates the similarity of plan structures, the stepped ceiling of the mausoleum and strange asymmetrical ledge on which the leaders of the USSR took pride parades. There is no architectural sense and much more logical would be to place the leader in the center of the podium, but just like the ledge is on the Pergamon altar, that is, he copied out Shchusev.

it is Obvious that the architect had previously served in the Synod, could not know what he creates. Rather, we understand this and red leaders, who had the beginnings of theological education. For example, Joseph Stalin studied at the Seminary, and Felix Dzerzhinsky in his youth dreamed of becoming a priest.

Apparently, in 1930 the walls of the Kremlin were erected, the ziggurat, symbolizing the worship of demonic forces, and it was built specifically in the shape of sacrificial altar, on which was born a Christian nation.

it is obvious that the Bolsheviks were atheists. It is clear that the ziggurat, built on the main square of the red Empire, had to replace all the Orthodox shrines. And with this task he coped! in the USSR all the mausoleum always been huge: every Soviet man, having arrived to Moscow, wanted to see who out of curiosity, and who for reasons of reverence created by the Soviet science the mummy of Lenin.

as for the esoteric assumptions about what the mausoleum in the Soviet Union served as an unclear “energy antenna” that controls the consciousness of the masses, then this function is clearly not done: he still stands in the heart of Moscow, and the Soviet Union fell.

Maya Novik

© Russian Seven

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