It is just as controversial as popular: The video game “Fortnite: Battle Royal” attracts young people for months glued to the screens. Apparently, the ball game has a high addiction factor – on the other hand, you have to find it as a Teenager, probably also good to “belong”. Some parents forbid their offspring to play the game, or at least try. In the United States, many fathers allow their children to “Fortnite” missed the Teens, at least, a pretty funny lesson.

the reason for this is a call to the US presenter Jimmy Kimmel, whose Show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” look every day almost two million people. He called on parents to pull their Kids at the “Fortnite” play without warning, the TV plug – and filming their reaction. If the time is not reckless …

However, many parents wanted to carry on the Gag, and dared to interfere with their children while Gambling. And for the stunned faces of the Teenagers was worth the action. In disbelief you stare at the dark screen, then in the camera of their mothers or (in most cases) fathers. “What’s going on here?” call, a crows in despair: “I can Still win! I can still win!”

are So funny these scenes, so worried it makes the impartial spectator, to see this close bond with a computer game. Maybe the parents should draw more often change the plug also, if you just keep the camera on it.



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