The museums of the capital will celebrate the day of memory of Alexander Pushkin

Photos: V. A. Tropinin, 1827

the Museums of the capital has prepared a special program in honor of the anniversary of the death of poet Alexander Pushkin, according to the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

Visitors can see portraits of the poet, executed by artists of the XX–XXI centuries, as well as listen to the songs of the Russian regions where there was Pushkin.

Exhibition of My portrait will open in the House-Museum of V. L. Pushkin Sunday, February 9. Here are the portraits of Alexander Pushkin, performed by Nikolai Ulyanov, Vasili Shukhaev, Konstantin Rudakov and other artists.

on the same day, at the School of watercolors Andriaka will be concert of Our Pushkin, which will be performed songs of regions of Russia, to which I had been a poet. Here guests can see the folk rituals described in the works of the poet. Everyone will be able to watch a musical performance by Vladimir Nikolaev Paraskos, which was created by the famous works of Pushkin.

on Monday, February 10, will work permanent exhibitions and exhibitions of the State Pushkin Museum, Memorial apartment of A. S. Pushkin, exhibition halls on Arbat street and other museums.

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Earlier it was reported that on Sunday, February 9, the entrance to the main exposition of the State historical Museum will be free. The event marks the 148 anniversary of the Museum.

Everyone will be able without tickets to visit the main building on red square, and a branch of the complex – a Museum of the Patriotic war of 1812.

For guests prepared a festive program, which includes more than 20 guided tours, and master classes, quizzes and concerts.

this year the program will dedicate the XIX century. For example, you can learn what secular entertainment and salon fun at the time and as it was necessary to behave at the ball.

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