On the last day of the last year, I thought, under a majestic weeping willow on the banks of the Rhine to my best friend, Klaus. Much to early he had died years ago, I miss him always. His zest for life was inspiring and even as he was drawn from his illness, he enjoyed every day that was given him, max. An eternal role model for me.

His drive is not more money or advancement, but for more special moments. “Wonderful,” was his favorite word. We have often raised together in exactly this word with a San Miguel beer in Hand, the picturesque sunset over the mountains of Mallorca. From the CD Player, It’s wonderful purred, mostly from the Italian grater Paolo Conte. Whenever I hear the song today, official it me instantly in this magic Moment.

Frank Behrendt: The Guru of Serenity Thomas Rabsch

Frank Behrendt (55) is one of the best-known communications consultants in Germany. The graduate of the German school of journalism, was a Top Manager in the music industry, television, and in large agencies. His book “love your life and NOT your Job” became directly after the publication of the economic Bestseller. The German Public Relations Association awarded a prize to the man who’s always in a good mood, as a “PR head of the year”. More info: www.frankzdeluxe.de Direct dialogue: [email protected]

As we of my favorite people on new year’s eve in the circle of the Highlights of the past year to reminisce, I was happy that the Wishes of all family members for 2019 was nothing Spectacular. On The Contrary. In sum, it was a very simple request: I just want It to stay the way it is. #Satisfaction. A precious commodity in a time, in the eternal quest seems to be More Standard.

The children want us to continue to play together as much. When Granny puts her hearing aid is on silent, is again the maximum Dimension of Board game fun reached. Whether it’s the “settlers of Catan”, the current game of the year “Azul” or the good old “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” – it is always high and loud. But in the end, is always laughing.

My wife is particularly pleased to drink on Board a cruise ship the first Morning Espresso on the balcony overlooking the vast sea. We can do this again in the summer. And the phones remain the same as last year, off the lower Deck. Because it has done so well, and the real life, there is always so much to Beautiful to not enjoy much more intense when it is parallel in the photo – and-send mode.

I look forward to continuing the wonderful moments of calm with our dog in the morning in the forest. I love the air, the trees, the light, the joy of the small quadruped in his wanderings through the under-wood. I’m sure my deceased friend Klaus would have enjoyed our intent to maintain just the Status Quo. I’ll never forget that he stuck to Epictetus every year on the first inside page of the pocket calendar, the same saying of the ancient philosopher: “is not the way, who regrets what he has, but who rejoices in what he has.” A new year full of satisfaction for all of you!


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