The only Soviet female sniper school: how the Germans neutralized it graduates

History 18/03/20 the Only Soviet female sniper school: how the Germans neutralized it graduates

the Central women’s sniper training school, which was in the suburbs, was the only one not only in the USSR but throughout the world. For all time of its existence the school has produced hundreds of snipers. In total graduate CISSP destroyed nearly a division of German soldiers and officers.

prerequisites for the establishment of the school

the Creation of the Soviet Union, but throughout the world women’s school of sniper training was not due to a desire to once again stand out, but rather a dire necessity. At least this is the opinion of the author of the book “Angels of death. Female snipers. 1941-1945” Alla Begunova. According to Begunova, even in the third year of the war, Germany still had considerable forces. By the summer of 1943 on the Soviet-German front was centered about 5.3 million soldiers, more than 50 thousand guns and 3 thousand aircraft. With this kind of power, the German command planned to carry out the operation “Citadel” and to organize an offensive on Leningrad.

it is not surprising that the red Army on account of every soldier regardless of gender. Moreover, over the past period the women have proven that they can not only provide medical care at the front, but to fight alongside men. And as he writes in his book “Fighting and service weapon of Russia” Viktor Shunkov, snipers of the girls prepared on the system of universal Education, was also first class. Relevant examples are the military biographies of famous snipers such as Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Natalia Kovshova, Maria Polivanova, Nina Petrova, Valentina Khokhlova, Tatiana Konstantinova, Elizaveta Mironova.

CISSP Education and training snipers

Some of these women started out as a medical corps, and others have graduated from Sniper school osoaviahima, which was located in the manor ToUskovo (the village of Veshnyaki). After the revolution, as noted by N. And. Zubanova, A. S. mukovoza and E. A. Orlov, in his “Guide to the streets of Moscow”, the estate was nationalized, and the building of the greenhouse is given over to accommodate the infantry school “Shot”. 11 years later there was organized a school of snipers. During the great Patriotic war on the basis of school osoaviahima appeared female sniper courses, and in may 1943, the order of people’s Commissar of the USSR when the courses were established the Central women’s sniper training school (CISSP).

In the women’s sniper school, according to Lyubov Vinogradova, author of “Angels of vengeance. Female snipers of the great Patriotic war”, drove the girls from all over the country. And in school began to be replenishment when the order NKO of the USSR was getting ready. It is noteworthy that in CISSP was attended exclusively by female volunteers under 25 years. However wanting to much. Some of them after a rigorous selection process was put on rations, and immediately started training. Initially the training period was 6 months, but was subsequently increased to 8 months.

the Graduates and their results on the front

If you believe Alex Ardasheva, author of the book “Sniper war”, the training at the Central women’s sniper training school did not cease until March 1945. Over the years the school has produced 7 editions, the largest of which was the second – more than 700 people. And in total for all time of its existence CISSP sent to the front 1061 snipers and 407 instructors sniper case. The most known graduates of the school was Roza Shanina, Aliya Moldagulova, Tatiana Baramzina. Baramzina Aliya died shortly before the end of the war and was awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union.

Tatiana Baramzina managed to liquidate only 16 German soldiers, after which the girl eyesight worsened and she had to retrain operators on the phone. But Roza Shanina destroyed 59 of the Nazis, on account of the same Aliya Moldagulova was 78 Germantheir soldiers and officers. Not surprisingly, if you combine the results of the graduates of the sniper school, you get a pretty impressive figure. As stated in the publication “the Great Patriotic war – known and unknown,” edited by Y. A. Petrov (Institute of Russian history), women trained in CISSP, destroyed more than 11280 enemy military, among whom were many officers.

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