Policemen as accomplices of the Nazis disappeared in the USSR after the war

History 19/03/20 Policemen as accomplices of the Nazis disappeared in the USSR after the war,

has not Yet ended the Great Patriotic war, and liberated from the German territories began trials of policemen and other collaborators of the occupation authorities. Most were convicted under article 58 of the criminal code of the USSR and received various terms in the colonies.
As I recall, the investigators, who were involved in these cases immediately after the war, the country needed working hands, it was necessary to restore the economy, therefore, it was recommended that the death penalty does not apply. After spending these people out of prison, some even on Amnesty early, and returned to their homes. There were those who have long been able to escape justice by hiding their past. What happened to these people in the Soviet Union?

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usually former policemen were posing as participants in the war. For example, Paul Tests swore Nazi Germany in 1943 and served in the unit, who was involved in the hunt for guerrillas. Their “deeds” he committed in the Novgorod region. Residents of several villages of Batetsky district was hiding in the woods from deportation to Germany. There they found the Tests with his squad. They shot a few dozen people, and the two girls broke off, tied his feet to the trees bend. After the war, this man moved to another district where no one knew him, seemed a war veteran and even had a medal “For Victory over Germany” and “20 years of Victory”. The policeman from the Kharkiv region Alexey Mayboroda after the war settled in the Donetsk region. He changed his name, patronymic and year of birth. Has been repeatedly awarded for innovation, had the badge of honorary donor, handed over every year for 3-4 liters of blood. Married, raised children. To take it was only due to the fact that he identified the witnesses he committed during the war atrocities.Paul the role commanded a punitive squad in the BBelorussii. After the war he managed to shake a small period for the service of the Germans, the role he managed to conceal from investigators the true nature of their service. After serving, he moved to the Yaroslavl region, where he was impersonating a war veteran, got all the rewards and benefits that veterans rely on, and even spoke in front of children in schools, telling his battle their way. The truth popped out when the authorities took testimony Aleksashkin in the case of one of Nazi criminals. I made a request for place of residence and with great surprise found out that the spent time for the service of the Germans collaborator impersonating a veteran of the great Patriotic war.

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Former collaborators, even if they were able to avoid punishment, rarely feel completely at ease. As a rule, they changed their place of residence, traveling about the country and hiding from justice. For example, the chief of the secret military police Bogodukhov district, Kharkov region Sklar managed after years to find in the Altai. He changed his name, grew a huge beard. He even wrote a portrait of a famous artist who was captivated by his colorful, real Siberian looks. No one would say, looking at this venerable old man, in the war, he hung people, cut out on the chest of the partisan star. A Ukrainian policeman by the name Bubelo was able to find after the war in Volyn. He long was unlocked, despite the fact that he was identified by witnesses. He gave himself in the following manner: when in the presence Bubelo the exhumation was carried out by one of the common graves of the executed under the direction Bubelo Jews, the light lifted the skull with a long braid and ribbon. Seeing this, the policeman fell to his knees and cried: “my Zosia, Zosia!”. It turns out that he was in love with a Jewish girl who also was shot. Another former Punisher Mikhail Ivanov, a native of Staraya Russa district. He was surrounded and captured, agreed to help the invaders. He returned to his village, and became a Sergeant, Homom entered into a punitive battalion. On his conscience dozens of executed guerrillas and civilians. After the war, he had a good run, moving from town to town, lived in Minsk region, in Leninabad, in Chelyabinsk, in the Arkhangelsk region. Everywhere was posing as a participant of the great Patriotic war.

the Last process

a Very revealing story of the famous “Tonka-gunner” — Antonina Makarova, which during the war served the Germans in Bryansk, shooting prisoners of war from a machine gun. When it was our troops, Antonina Makarova was able to escape from those places where doing their evil deeds and pretend to be a normal inhabitant of the occupied territory. She even began to serve in the hospital as a nurse, where she fell in love with a young soldier. Married, Antonina changed the name to Ginsburg, and 30 lived, using the high esteem and universal respect as a veteran of the great Patriotic war. The trial of Makarova in 1978 was the last major process on business of traitors of the Motherland in the USSR, and the only woman on the Punisher.

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