The parents forgot the baby at the entrance in Moscow

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

the Man found at the entrance of houses in Moscow the baby, reports RIA Novosti. It turned out that the child has forgotten the parents, leaving him in a wheelchair for the night.

the police said that the duty of the territorial division areas, and asked the man. In the morning on the way to work he saw at the door a carriage with a crying boy wrapped in a jacket.

the police have established the identity of the child’s mother. It was 26-year-old arriving, removing the apartment in the same entrance. The woman lived with a three year old son, partner and their joint child, who is little more than a month.

in the Evening the parents were drinking alcohol near the entrance, then she came up to the apartment, and the father offered to walk with her son. However, the man she never came back and baby was found at the house.

police are looking for the man, and the boy gave his mother. The arrived physicians examined the child, found no reason for his hospitalization.

Information about this incident is handed over to the tutorship and guardianship body, and also the Commission on Affairs of minors and protection of their rights.

In regard to the child’s mother made the Protocol on administrative offense under article “Default by parents or other lawful representatives of minor duties under the maintenance and education”.

Earlier, six-year-old went from a kindergarten in Maine. The police received a message stating that on Pyatnitskoe highway is a little boy without parents.

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the Prosecutor’s office became interested in the history of the student in Cracoviensia, which took the child from the yard in the capital, was the familiar family