The Pentagon has released this Wednesday, photos and videos of the attack of the forces of elite americans against the leader of the United Islamic (ISIS), Abubaker al Baghdadi, who finished the past weekend with the death of the terrorist, the most wanted by the united States, sacrificing himself after detonating his explosive vest.

The video, recorded by a drone, shows a group of a dozen soldiers near the enclosure fence where he was hiding the target, in the region of syria’s Idlib branch. There are also images of the air attacks carried out with aircraft F-15 and drone that blew up the building once the soldiers left him.

general Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the U.s. Central Command, has explained that, before entering, the soldiers faced “four women and two men.” “Did not respond to the orders in Arabic to surrender,” he explained, and were executed.

“once established within the grounds, us forces found Al Baghdadi hidden in a tunnel. When their capture was imminent, Al-Baghdadi detonated a bomb that he was wearing, killing himself and two small children that were with him”, it has been reported. Mckenzie has explained that at first they thought that there were three children, and so reported it at first, but then found that there were two. In total, “killed six members of the ISIS, four women and two men, including Al-Baghdadi”. This, added to the two children killed by Al Baghdadi. “Eleven children were protected by the forces of raiders and two men were arrested and taken from the place,” he concluded.

McKenzie has confirmed that the command seized documents and electronic material, a set that has qualified as “substantial”. After they returned to the helicopter and destroyed the area with missiles. The forces that carried out the assault, he said, were aimed at Syria.

Also has been the general words about the dog involved in the operation, which has received in recent days compliments of the president Trump (after you spread your photo, this same Wednesday, tuiteaba a photo-montage that simulated the imposition of a ribbon to the can). McKenzie explained that it is “a veteran of four years”, that had ever participated in 50 combat missions and was injured when exposed to electrical wires after The Baghdadi detonated the bomb. The dog, who has been referred to in the masculine, has already returned to service.


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