The Pentagon has denied the team infected a U.S. aircraft carrier in the evacuation

the American aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” has the nickname “Big stick”. And he got that name not because of its quality but because of the connection with President Roosevelt, this does not negate the fact that the nickname of the great ship. This machine with a length of 332 meters, a width of 76 metres and has a capacity of 260 thousand horsepower. Of course, for the maintenance of such a vessel takes a lot of people. And it’s especially dangerous during an epidemic of coronavirus.

the First cases on the ship was revealed on 24 March 2024. Then once three sailors got tested positive for the coronavirus. The next day, the number of infected people increased to five, and in the future continued to grow.

soon the question “How many people are infected with the coronavirus aboard the “Theodore Roosevelt”?” Pentagon officials became evasive answer “Ten”. By the first of April the number of patients exceeded 100 people and the ship’s captain, Brett crozier asked the leadership permission to land to the earth and to help civilian doctors.

“We’re not at war. Sailors must not die. If we don’t act now, we will not be able to take care of the most trusted asset – our sailors. The spread of the disease is accelerated,” said the captain of the ship. However, the US Navy command had not perceived the request of the crozier, however, they continue to work in order to come to a solution to this problem.

the Statement of Brett crozier commented the Secretary of defense mark Esper. “I don’t think now is the time for the evacuation. The ship delivered equipment and there are qualified physicians. If necessary we are ready to supply them with additional medical equipment. No one has to die” – said the head of the Pentagon.

At the moment the situation remains dire. “Theodore Roosevelt” is at the island of GUAM, but does not receive permission to evacuate the crew to land. While the military hope to defeat the epidemic on their own, but that will solve the Pentagon in the event of deterioration – hard to say.