History 08/03/20 “Plan Nero”, why Hitler wanted to genocide the Germans

March 19, 1945 Hitler issued an order called “the Plan Nero”. He meant the destruction in the Reich of strategic facilities, food warehouses, cultural values. The further existence of the German nation has been called into question.

the Death sentence of a nation

March 15, 1945, the Imperial Minister Steer presented a report to Hitler “the Economic situation in March – April 1945, and its aftermath,” in which he succinctly described what actions should be taken to ensure, “albeit in a primitive form of” life for the people. 19 Mar “reply” to a note Steer was the order of the Fuhrer under the code name “Nero,” which will go down in history as the most unpopular Hitler’s plan to his compatriots. “Nero” was signing people’s death sentence: “All military installations, facilities of transport, communication, industry and logistics, food warehouses, and material values on the territory of the Reich must destroy.” A failed plan that Hitler early in the war were going to carry out in Moscow and Leningrad (the so-called “scorched earth”), he decided to apply to Germany. His biographers say that at that time he already decided his fate and did not see a sense to support the German people: “If the war is lost the nation will also perish. It was her inevitable destiny. There is no need to do basis, which will require people to continue a most primitive existence.” These words of the Fuhrer were recorded from the words of Steer during the trial of the Nazis.

In the footsteps of Nero

the plan Name was chosen not accidentally. In it Hitler likened himself to the famous Roman tyrant-theater Nero, who in 64 year ordered to set fire to Rome. By the way, not for strategic reasons but to debut as a tragic actor. Lightone in his writings said that Nero watched the conflagration in the capital were dressed in theatrical costume, played the lyre and recited a poem about the fall of Troy of his own composition. The fact that Hitler had a special passion for sonorous names, it is no secret, but why does he have a basis for the image of Nero? Questions cause and arson in Germany, which accused the Soviet soldiers. As you know, the basic version of the fire of Rome in 64 States that the arson was committed by order of the Emperor, who was going to rebuild the eternal city for its performance of “the artist”. Arson blamed the Christians. A parallel suggests itself. But let’s leave behind the personal Parallels and recall the famous work of Erich Fromm: “Adolf Hitler: a clinical case of necrophilia”, where the sociologist cites the example of individuals with special traits and psychological problems that give rise to tyrants. According to this work, the traits of Hitler and Nero are identical almost to the details.

the destruction of the people

At the Nuremberg trials albert Speer said that if all the other orders of Hitler and Bormann were executed, millions of Germans remaining by the time alive, probably would have died. Indeed, all final orders of Hitler and his entourage were directed to the destruction of the nation. Addition to the plan was “Nero,” was the decree of Martin Bormann, dated 23 March, which ordered the entire population of West and East Germany, including foreign workers and prisoners of war, to concentrate in the centre of the Reich. At first glance, in terms of “Nero” decree seems logical to destroy all the food on the edge and frontline areas, and its own population to provide in a single area, concentrating there all the reserves. However, the “Wanderers” did not provide any food or necessaries. The relocation itself was arranged so that it is not allowed to take anything with you. “The result of all this could be a terrible famine, the consequences of which are difficult to reprAVIT,” – said about Speer.

the Party of Speer

the execution of the plan “Nero” and “scorched earth” was entrusted to the Reich Minister of armaments and war production albert Speer, the personal architect of Hitler’s plans for 1941 was to create a new kind of Germany. By the end of the war he became disillusioned with the Fuhrer and was, in fact, its own policies, aimed at saving the cities and people in Germany as possible. He showed it to his already mentioned “economic situation”, in which he proposed specific ways to put people’s lives on a low, but livable level.
not surprisingly, the order of the Fuhrer to organize the destruction of Germany irrevocably alienated Speer Hitler. In his response letter he wrote to the führer: “I’m an artist, and therefore set before me the task was quite alien to me and hard. I did a lot for Germany. However, the evening you came to me with words of which, if I understand you correctly, clearly and unambiguously followed: if the war is lost, let him die and the people! This fate, you said, inevitable. There is nothing to reckon with the basics that people need for the most primitive life. On the contrary, they say, it is better to destroy them. After all, the nation has shown itself the weaker, and therefore, the future belongs exclusively to the stronger people of the East. I can’t believe the success of our good deeds if we are in this crucial time, systematically destroy the basis of our national life”.
albert Speer was one of the few confidants of Hitler, who came alive on the Nuremberg trial and voluntarily pleaded guilty. Information about “plan of Nero” was received.

a False document

the Plan was “Nero,” and the doctrine of “scorched earth” has reached the public, thanks to albert Speer. About many details of the last directives of the Reichstag, he said in his “Memoirs” and the “Third Reich from the inside. Memories of Reich military industry”, where he portrayed themselves apolitical intellectuals who knew almost nothing about the crimes of the regime and only “doing his duty”. This position AB, which appeared at the Nuremberg trials, was one of the reasons that gave rise to the theory that the plan was “Nero” a fiction, an invention of Speer for his own justification, his hope for avoiding the death penalty. By the way, the highest degree of punishment for Speer was replaced by a twenty-year sentence. However, the question of the forgery of the document is questionable since the analysis of the source, which at the moment is kept in the archives of the Nuremberg trials, fraud is not revealed.

This beautiful Paris

the Plan, “Nero” was not the first attempt of Hitler to destroy something that belonged to him, and most importantly, that he loved. From shortly before the liberation of Paris from German occupation he was ordered to mine the most strategic and emblematic places of Paris including the Eiffel tower.
the First journey of Adolf Hitler in Paris on 23 June 1940 after the occupation: “to See Paris was a dream of my entire life. Can’t Express, how happy I am that this dream has come true today!”. The Louvre, Versailles and finally the Invalides, where Napoleon is buried, which is so revered Hitler – all had to be destroyed according to the principle “do not get you to anybody”. “The city must not fall into enemies, except that in the ruins,” said Hitler on 9 August 1944.
However, Paris is lucky. Dietrich von Cholitz, who was head of Paris, 7 August 1944, refused to comply with Hitler’s order and surrendered what went down in history as a kind of “Savior of Paris”.

treasure Hunters

Nero’s Plan meant the destruction of all cultural values on the territory of the Reich, including many of the stolen collection of art, taken from all the occupied territories. The decree in a logical manner has spawned a whole movement of “treasure hunters” (Monuments Men), which, in contrast to the looters, were representatives of cultural andintelligencii – Museum workers, art historians, historians, archivists. The group was formed at the initiative of Roosevelt and us army General David Eisenhower. They are not only engaged in the restoration and return of property to the countries-owners, but also worked at the military-diplomatic field, negotiating with the bombers (mostly Union), on the preservation of cultural sites.

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