The police opened a criminal case against the attacker in the temple with a knife

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Police opened a criminal case against the man who attacked with a knife parishioners of the Church of St. Nicholas in Pokrovskoye. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the interior Ministry.

“In fact attacks on people in the temple on the street Bakuninskaya in relation to men a criminal case under signs of structure of a crime under article 213 of the criminal code “Hooliganism” and article 116 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation “the Beating”, – said the official representative of the Ministry Irina the Wolf.

the Incident occurred on Sunday morning, February 16. The man entered the temple and attacked the Ministers. It was later revealed that the attacker – a man from Lipetsk region. He managed to wound with a knife two assistants of the rector, one in the arm, another in the back.

In the course of investigative actions at the scene were seized a knife and gloves. With the detainee while myself found a parcel with substance of a phytogenesis. According to preliminary information, it’s marijuana.

Before it was reported about the attack of a resident of Kaliningrad for a family of three. He shot passers-by with a hunting rifle. A man and a woman died on the spot while their child was in the hospital. The attacker himself had attempted suicide and later died in intensive care.

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