The PP is presented to the elections of the 10-N with measures very similar to those of the April 28, but an obvious change of philosophy. Thus, it includes the new program, two words that are not included in the above: moderation and center. Then, the PP touched ground in 66 deputies after approaching the discourse of Santiago Abascal to try to stem the leakage of votes to Vox. These are the main differences between the April program and the new.

“a Synonym of covenant.” Aware of the surfeit overall by the new elections, the PP has summed up in 200 steps and 59 pages, the program of 500 promises, and 102 pages of April. And presents, as an asset election, having signed agreements with other forces. The PP, they say, is “the party of the unlocking”.

Deleted the reference to the 155. The April program included a specific reference to the article 155 of the Constitution, the PP promised to apply in Catalonia “by the time that is inexcusable”. After the judgment of the constitution that explains that this is the last bullet of the rule of law and that there is no way it can be applied indefinitely, the PP has deleted the article, though it does speak, as it has done Paul Married, of sending to Quim Torra, the “requirement” prior to “comply with their constitutional obligations”.

Less spirit recentralizador. The April program, promising to “reinforce the State’s presence in all the autonomous communities”, crippling the transfer of new skills and open avenues for communities to return powers to the Government.” The program of the autonomous region may alleviate these promises. The new recovers the possibility of opening channels for the devolution of powers to the State “for the communities they wish to do so” when “can be managed more effectively from the Government of the nation.”

Supplement to the salary of judges and prosecutors in Catalonia . After the trial and sentencing of the procés, the PP has now proposed a “special plan to address the situation of judges and prosecutors in Catalonia and in other autonomous communities where necessary, both in your professional situation as well as in their safety.” That plan includes an “add salary” for judges and prosecutors aimed in Catalonia “because of the increased pressure.”


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