The price of Russian oil fell to $ 13 per barrel

Photo: depositphotos/carloscastilla

the oil Price of Russian Urals in Northwest Europe dropped to $ 13 a barrel, data from Argus Media.

This indicator has decreased in comparison with Friday, March 27, at 3.2 per dollar. The discount per barrel of Urals is established at the level of 4.75 dollars. Such low values has not been since 2008.

the Cost of a barrel of Urals with delivery in the Mediterranean fell to 15.25 dollar, which is an absolute minimum since June 1999.

however, it is reported that futures for Brent crude on the ICE futures exchange began to grow. This was compounded by the news of the possible actions of Moscow and Washington on stabilizing the fuel market.

the price of oil of mark Brent fell to the level of March 2002. The price of futures for delivery in June 2023 on the London exchange ICE amounted to 21.82 USD per barrel.

According to Deputy Director General of the national energy Institute Alexander Frolov, instability in the oil sector on the background of the coronavirus will continue to be.

oil Prices began to creep down after unsuccessful negotiations OPEC+. The parties were unable to agree on a limitation of fuel production.

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