The Prosecutor apologized to by Holonovel for illegal criminal prosecution

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Alexander Avilov

the Prosecutor’s office for the Western district of Moscow apologized to the journalist Ivan by Holonovel for illegal criminal prosecution, according to RIA Novosti. Sent him an official apology.

In late January, the journalist complained to the new public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov, so far not received an official apology for the detention. On the eve of his lawyer Sergei adamsin said that the Prosecutor General’s office forwarded the matter to the lower authority – the Moscow Prosecutor’s office.

Golunova was detained in Moscow in June of last year. During the inspection, the journalist had found five bundles with powder-like substance, and then drugs were found at his home. The decision of the court Golunova was placed under house arrest.

the Incident caused a wide public resonance. Five days after the detention of a criminal case against the journalist stopped, all the charges were dropped because of lack of proof of participation Golunova a crime.

Earlier Basmanny court of Moscow arrested five people on charges of illegal detention of a journalist. Thus, in jail for two months were all involved in the case: Denis Konovalov, Akbar All, Roman Feofanov, Maxim Umetbaev and Igor lyakhovets. The last consequence considers as the organizer of the crime.

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