The psychologist advised me to look into the period of self-isolation cartoons and Comedy

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Comedy and family cartoons are best suited for viewing in a period of self-isolation, although fans of thrillers and fighters also do not need to give up your favorite genres, said a member of the Federation of educational psychologists of Russia, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Moscow city pedagogical University, Yekaterinburg Julia.

the Specialist said that cartoons return to childhood, to good memories, help you relax and to see again your favorite characters.

“we Also advise you to include kind of Comedy – movies positively adjust and form positive emotions. Do not give up on favorite genres. If you love action movies, horror films and thrillers, does not have an aversion – continue to look”, – quotes the words Chelysheva, the Agency “Moscow”.

She stressed that the joint view needs to include what you like most family members.

“I Advise you to compromise, to include universal films that everyone loves. Something more specific I can watch later, in the headphones or through the phone,” she added.

Earlier, the Deputy Director of the Moscow service for psychological help Olga Ind urged not to consider quarantine as a negative thing. Ind indicates that the mode-isolation provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with their loved ones.

the Expert suggested to devote time to reading, playing musical instruments and other Hobbies. Psychologist believes that during isolation it is possible to find new Hobbies. Turning to the issue of conflicts that begin to arise between close during the quarantine, Ind offers to understand them. She noted that as a result of mode isolation between people break out of old conflicts that is easy to disassemble and to speak.

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