The psychologist explained why infected COVID-19 violate the quarantine

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko.

the Family psychologist, PhD in sociology anetta Orlova told the Moscow 24 why infected COVID-19 violate the quarantine regime, endangering the lives and health of people. In her opinion, such people of their hard sanctions are simply necessary.

Orlov said that all people react differently to stressful situations. She believes that some are simply not ready to accept the need for isolation.

“In these circumstances, the person shows their true self. People are Autonomous, with a low level of responsibility, selfish. They are not willing to accept the circumstances that have arisen,” – said the psychologist.

She said that for people first priorities are their own interests. Orlov noted that such behaviour is even encouraged in society.

“the Verb “want” for such people is dominant. They live, all the while leaning on him. In ordinary life this is called hedonism. Many people think that it’s cool, don’t pay attention to the fact that man acts only in its own interests,” – said the psychologist.

the Expert believes that in today’s environment such behavioural traits are exacerbated. Therefore, according to the expert, strict measures are necessary.

“We can’t afford to have their personal selfishness infantile man who thought that he had no severe, caused harm to others. The fact that he can someone infect and dying – for it is not an argument, he does not think about it”, – says the expert.

She noted that social advertising, public calls for people to stay at home be necessary in the circumstances, but the psychologist called it encouraging motivation. In her opinion, many people have to be motivated by fear.

“Someone bright, motivated by social interest, but quite a large number of people are able to change their behavior, only the fear of sanctions. Those people for whom social concerns are not on the leftI’m important, antisocial people – they need tough sanctions, otherwise the number of cases will increase,” – said the psychologist.

Moscow seven patients COVID-19 fined for violation of quarantine

Earlier it was reported that seven patients with coronavirus in the capital, who violated the regime of self-isolation, fined. Further infected COVID-19 placed in observation centres. To establish that the Muscovites had violated the quarantine regime, managed by technical means.

More than 21 thousand of decisions on a regime of isolation has given the citizens arriving to Moscow from countries with unfavorable situation on spread of coronavirus. The monitoring of compliance with home treatment were drawn from the employees of internal Affairs bodies. In case of violation of citizens threatened with administrative responsibility.

on March 29, Sergey Sobyanin imposed restrictions on movement around the city to prevent large-scale spread of coronavirus infection. Citizens are allowed to leave the apartment only for emergency medical help, shopping at the nearest store or pharmacy. The example of Moscow was followed by other regions of Russia.

In recent days, Russia has recorded 1 154 cases of infection COVID-19.

According to the latest who data, the world has already recorded more than 1.13 million cases of infection, almost 63 thousand people died.

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