The psychologist recommended that couples in a time-isolation sleep separately

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Psychologist, expert on stress Aleksey Krasikov recommended for couples during the isolation sleep separately, according to “Express Gazeta”.

“it is recommended that Couples at least from time to time to sleep separately. It is not a sin, not a betrayal, not treason, but simply a psychological discharge, which operates very well. If there are two beds, you can even someone to get on the floor, at least sometimes,” said Krasikov.

the Specialist explained that self-isolation is the perfect time to check relationship with your partner. According to him, the being around each other 24 hours a day now for many in curiosity, but as before one of the partners went to work, spent any other event.

“Now, when with a loved one you will be hourly, it would be nice to listen to yourself and analyze what you do not like,” said Krasikov.

He added that it is important for each family member to learn to respect the personal space of another, giving them the opportunity to be alone with himself.

“ideally, each family member need to assign a room, but it is clear that not everyone can afford it. Then you need to divide the space into zones and consolidate them for everyone. In a room or, say, the kitchen to retire in turn or as needed”, – added the expert.

Those citizens who in the mode of isolation, left alone with himself, he was advised to first try to understand yourself, try to make it clear that the situation is temporary and will soon pass. According to him, the communication with yourself will help to calm the inner anxiety.

If you deal with depression not happened, Krasikov recommended to seek help from professionals who will help to cope with the alarming state in this difficult time.

“you Need to understand for yourself that you are not in a cage, not in prison. Whether you are a family or single, you have something Zanyatsya home. Take care of minor repairs, rearranging, learn a foreign language or read a book. Direct the energy inside you not to self-destruction, and creation,” concluded Krasikov.

Earlier, the psychologist Svetlana Uspenskaya recommended for the isolation of Muscovites to sleep well and get a hobby. She added that in the case of finding a home the entire family should plan every day to avoid possible conflicts among themselves. Specialist advised me to experience the cleaning of the apartment, to pay attention to the joint preparation of food, together to watch a movie, play games.

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