The psychologist recommended that to communicate with friends by video link during the period of self-isolation

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a member of the Federation of psychologists of education of Russia Yulia Chelysheva recommended to communicate with friends by video link during the period of self-isolation. About it reports Agency “Moscow”.

the Psychologist explained that when communicating by video interviewees will be able much better to understand each others ‘ mood, health and overall competently to monitor their own time.

“When text messaging is no pronounced time limits, these conversations can go on for hours. Fascinated by the correspondence person loses the feeling of time is postponed for more business and home duties,” said Chelysheva.

She added that the video will also be useful when meeting new people. The specialist explained that it is human nature to hide your face when talking to strangers, and to come up with a new picture that is not always true.

“If you are interested in text messaging with a stranger, offer him to switch to video call or telephone conversation. It will help to gain some idea of the interlocutor, to establish a common set of interests and to better understand whether this person is your expectations,” concluded Chelysheva.

Earlier, the psychologist Svetlana Uspenskaya recommended not working in isolation Muscovites to sleep well and get a hobby. She added that a leave of absence will help some to carry out the plans which were delayed due to work or other things.

assumption recommended during the isolation to do what you love. Specialist advised me to experience the cleaning of the apartment, to pay attention to the joint preparation of food, together to watch a movie, play games.

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