A Problem that many couples struggle: He has a bear’s hungry and wants to beat the belly full while you would on the snacking one only of the side dishes – not always to the delight of your partner. For this Situation, a Restaurant in the U.S. state of Arkansas now has the perfect solution.

“My girlfriend has no Hunger” – or is it? Restaurant-and-white pairs to help

And this comes in the Form of the menu “My Girlfriend’s Not Hungry” (dt. “My girlfriend’s not hungry). In this menu Option, it is a Supplement to the main dish for the less-hungry escorts. For 4.25 dollars (about 3,70 Euro) they have the choice between French fries, two Chicken Wings, or three cheese sticks.

The Facebook user Nick Chisler discovered the offer at the end of the menu and shared it immediately on the social network. From there, the Post went viral and the topic has since been picked up by numerous media.

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In a post on the US news station THV11, Andrew Putra, Co-owner of the affected Diners, “Mama D’s”, how you came up with the idea explained: “I think everyone knows this Situation when you go out with your girlfriend or your wife, are of the opinion that a salad or some other little thing would be enough. But in the end they steal food from your plate. We are able to offer these people options, if you do not want to spend so much, but still something Small to eat would like to have.”

And the idea seems to have gone well, with Over 5,000 Facebook-users commented on so far (Stand: 4. July 2019) under Nick Chislers Post and marked their partners, which were immediately caught. In addition, the post was shared, in the meantime, 22,000 Times, and almost 4,000 Times liked.

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