The Russian foreign Ministry has urged to remove sanctions in a pandemic

“Russia has consistently opposed the imposition of unilateral restrictions that violate international law and inflict severe damage to socio-economic development of States” – the Ministry noted.

Diplomats believe that the spread of coronavirus infection the question of the removal of barriers is of particular relevance, in particular to ensure that countries that were affected by the limitations of medical facilities. At the same time, and the international restrictions imposed by the UN security Council, should not become an obstacle in the fight against the pandemic, as sanctions include exceptions and exemptions for humanitarian purposes.

“it Is time to conduct a General audit of Council sanctions to ensure that they are truly targeted and think that certain types of assistance fell into the category of humanitarian exceptions,” he said in depodesta.

the Russian foreign Ministry noted that the initiative on the introduction of the solidarity of the moratorium on restrictions of commodities and financial transactions for procurement, was launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G20 summit.

Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Cuba and Nicaragua on March 25 sent a letter to the UN Secretary General Antonio Gutterres with prizyvaet to require other countries to take unilateral sanctions are preventing the struggle of these States with the coronavirus.