The Russian star has released a fashionable protective mask

Russian stars began to produce fashionable protective mask

it is Known that reusable masks can be reused after processing. For secondary use, they must be washed with soap and water, dry it, process steam.

the Russian star decided to let the exclusive masks. Are these remedies not cheap, and their quality remains in doubt. TV channel Moscow 24 found, whether conducted on the star is and to trust celebrities.

So, one of the first designer masks imagines himself Yana Rudkovskaya. She had purchased protection in Japan and began to glue their jewelry from Chanel. The producer claims that does not sell anything but only gives favorites.

the Singer Keti Topuria also launched full-scale production. In particular, every branded accessory is worth one and a half thousand rubles.

the Group Little Big also produced a limited edition masks. Price for fabric “Souvenirs”, as the musicians call it, amounts to 1 thousand rubles.

However, this is not the limit. Designer Bella Potemkin created a tricked-out model “in flower” with rhinestones and decorative embroidery, then the value of the protection soared to 1 thousand 600 roubles, and even up to 3 million.

“Many people had closed just a scarf, of course, in this case design looks much nicer, mask we have different is – silk satin, very beautiful,” said the designer.

However, these arguments have convinced few. Some citizens believe that celebrities are cashing in on fear, grief and horror of the situation. In addition, many people believe that these masks are absolutely useless because they provide no protective filters.

“Will more quickly accumulate the infection, and there is no possibility of the material to release into the environment of moisture, it can accumulate, it can contribute to the development of local skin infections, but will not protect the upper respiratory tract viruses and bacteria”– said the doctor-otolaryngologist Irina Kirichenko.

Despite this, conventional medical masks can also harm. It is important to be able to use them correctly. About safe wearing masks told in the CPS.

In particular, the experts said that any mask should be changed every 2-3 hours. After processing reusable masks should not be wet, so at the end it must be ironed with a hot iron.

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