The Russians spoke about the attempts to return the money for tickets

According to the Chairman of the Commission of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation on development of public diplomacy Elena Storming, if a customer bought a refundable ticket, the carrier is obliged to compensate full or less fine of the ticket price. But this is theory, but in practice not always meet the needs of our customers.

Tourist Juliana told me that she had purchased tickets through the mobile service popular ticket operator. When the carrier is notified of the flight cancellation, she decided to return the money for my ticket. “I tried to apply on their website, but the program gave a system error. Call the company managed only on the third day. The operator reported that the money you can return, but not soon. Unilaterally, within 90 days, the carrier decides when and how the Deposit will be returned to the client”, — said the tourist.

Eugene bought tickets to Rome in may to the beginning of 2024. Now the airline says that the flight is cancelled. “I some days could not get through to the carrier. Wanted to issue a refund through the website. My application was assigned a number, but no confirmation that my letter is in process, no notification mail has not come. Filled out the feedback form asking for advice. There was no answer,” — said the girl. On the link the company has released only some days later. “I was offered to either change the date of departure or direction. Another option: get the money back in bonuses that can be spent on future trips, — said Eugene. I began to insist on cash back, I offered to send a certified letter to the head of the legal entity, and within three months return may come.”

depending on the country in which the company is registered, and the nature of its legislation, carriers may offer to resolve the issue without a refund and, say, a postponement of the date of departure, said the expert of the Academy of management Finance and investment Gennady Nikolaev. “To the coolanttunately, if the traveler has money for professional legal advice not, you will have to agree. Otherwise there is a risk to stay without any compensation. Refunds for tickets is a real headache not only for individuals, but tour operators whose losses for non-refundable fares plans to compensate of economic development through special grants. The government expects that this measure will fully compensate for the loss of their customers without threat to the industry,” he said.

expert of the company XCritical Jan Art believes that the market will take the company whose position and before the pandemic was uncertain, as well as those that “played dominoes” with the borrowing of funds and loans. “If the crisis will last another 1-2 months, carriers will be able to quickly restore normal operation. If longer — possible systemic problems, — said the interlocutor of “MK”. — Most likely, we will see the following picture: the absorption of weak companies strong.”

Experts point out that in the case of the deterioration of the epidemiological situation, the industry will fall victim to the deep crisis and mass bankruptcies of market players can not be avoided. In such circumstances, the return of funds to passengers for unused tickets will not be available.