The Russians told us about the vaccine against coronavirus

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

Director of the state scientific center “Vector” Rinat Maksyutov announced the beginning of tests of a vaccine against coronavirus infection. The drug has already started to test on animals, reports RIA Novosti.

it is Noted that the tool has already been tested on mice and ferrets that have managed to develop immunity to COVID-19. Now began the test on monkeys. A broad survey will continue until the end of April, after which the experts will go to the stage of preclinical trials.

“the next phase — directly on the people,” – said the native.

it is Expected that these tests will conduct in June, but before that you need to confirm the effectiveness of the vaccine and to vaccination permission of the Ministry of health.

Earlier it became known, when you start the Express testing COVID-19 in Russia. It was noted that the development is able to give results in 30 minutes. The test precision is estimated almost in 100%.

today in Russia have revealed 4731 case of infection with coronavirus, 43 people died, 333 recovered.

In Russia, for the day recorded a 163 new cases of infection with coronavirus

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