The Russians were advised not to argue with your friends about the coronavirus

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the Psychologist recommended that the Russians not to argue with the friends and family of coronavirus infection. In terms of isolation it can lead to weakening of the immune system, reports the Agency “Moscow” the words of the member of the Federation of psychologists of education of Russia, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Moscow city pedagogical University Julia Chelysheva.

In her opinion, the debate about the coronavirus can develop in people the feeling of excessive anxiety, and to provoke the appearance of unwanted symptoms.

“Now the main task – not to exacerbate the depressed state of the family, and the maximum lift their spirits. To look at things positively, to include helpful gear, read good books and, of course, jokes a lot,” said Chelysheva.

In the case if the person is depressed, it is necessary to talk anymore to know what led to such a pessimistic mood. After that, it is important to find positive arguments and the pros in that situation.

the Psychologist added that the theme of the coronavirus should not avoid talking, but if this is about him still logged in, then you should refrain from caustic remarks and altercations for this reason.

“to listen to the opinion – Yes, bring a couple of arguments – Yes, laugh at the problem – it is possible. But in any case not to prove his innocence foaming at the mouth, to spoil relations with the people”, – concluded the expert.

Vladimir Putin has declared the week from 28 March to 5 April after hours in connection with the threat of the spread of the novel coronavirus. In Moscow have cancelled all entertainment, sporting and cultural events. In addition, close all the cafes and restaurants.

in addition, Muscovites were obliged to observe the regime of self-isolation and not to leave the house. With the exception of leaving the apartments are only trekking to the nearest shop for Essentials, to the pharmacy or to work in if office presence required. Later, these measures wouldwhether adopted in several regions of the country.

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