History 23/03/20 “Shadow Fuehrer”: what really happened to Martin Bormann

Personal Secretary and right hand of Adolf Hitler, SS-obergruppenführer Martin Bormann earned the enormous confidence of his patron. He really was the second face of the Third Reich (after Hitler himself). Some even with envy called Bormann “the shadow of the Fuhrer”. The list of crimes this man is huge. More reflection causes the story of his disappearance after the war.

the grave of Bormann around the world.

After the great Patriotic war “shadow Fuehrer” were seen in different countries: Italy, Paraguay, Australia, and Spain. There is even a legend that in Moscow at the Vvedenskoye cemetery existed grave, on the headstone of which the Gothic code was derived from Martin Bormann (1900 – 1973). Supposedly Hitler’s Secretary in fact was a Soviet spy and was deported from Berlin immediately after Hitler’s death.

the events of may 1945

the Basic version says that late in the evening of 1 may, Bormann escaped from Hitler’s bunker (after the suicide) and tried to escape. Together with the fugitive, was the personal physician of the head of the Third Reich, and several of the higher officer ranks of the SS. After a long journey on foot Nazi group got to the river spree and tried to cross the bridge. It turned out not once. On the heels followed by the Soviet troops.Header

On the other side Bormann and the other SS men came across Soviet soldiers. According to the official version all the criminals were shot and killed immediately. Body almost all were later found on that site. Absent only the body Bormann. It questioned the fact of his death.

Nuremberg trials

As the remains of Nazi war criminal have not found, the trial at Nuremberg was held in absentia and the prosecution was made as well. In the process, Bormann was sentenced to capital punishment. Loop waiting for “shadow Fuehrer” at any time, as soon as he appearsmiling on the horizon. By law, even Nazi war criminals have the right to counsel. He was Martin Bormann (Friedrich Bergold).

Security bent line that Bormann is dead and generally not so great power he possessed in life. But the defendant’s guilt was fully proven, but when the sentence will be enforced, remained a mystery to all. Wife Bormann immediately after the victory of the Union was arrested. Then was all the time under observation in case the leader SS wants to contact her.

the Remains of

for Many years a convicted Nazi searched for the CIA. For any help in catching him was a reward of 100 thousand DM. Martin Bormann gathered a huge dossier, which is the interrogation Protocol of one of the former members of the SS. So – he testified that Bormann was a Soviet spy and went into hiding after the war in the Soviet Union.

In 1972, during excavations near the bridge, which in 1945 was trying to escape from persecution Borman, were found the remains of male bodies with signs of poison. Recording in memory played by the personal dentist to Hitler by Dr. Blaschke as much as in 1957, helped to identify some of the remains belonged to Bormann. In early 1973, for confirmation of this was the reconstruction of the face of Bormann, soon after which the German government has announced Reichsleiter dead. Because of the possible need for further forensic examinations in the future, the relatives of the deceased were not allowed to cremate the corpse.

the Identity of the discovered remains of Bormann were finally proved in 1998 after commissioned by the German government’s DNA, then they were burned and scattered over the Baltic sea on 16 August 1999.

So grave in the cemetery Vvedenskoye will be remembered as an urban legend. Well, the statement of the member of the SS that Bormann a Soviet spy, can be attributed to an attempt to “play up” to the Americans.

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