Update 24. January 2019, 12.38 PM: The police relies on observations of the population and wants to start next Wednesday, a large survey of local residents in and around the body site. The officials of the investigation group “backpack” hope for clues to the suspect’s father of the girl and to the exact sequence of events, such as the police told lower Franconia and the office of the public Prosecutor in Aschaffenburg on Thursday.

police are looking for via the “aktenzeichen XY” – 15 notes a

Update from 10. January 2019, 16: 05: Still there is no concrete trace of the killer during the murder of 16-year-old Mezgin Nassan. The CID Aschaffenburg took advantage of the public search on the ZDF-show “aktenzeichen XY”. Mezgins father is suspected to have the girl in may 2017 murdered.

+ The police in Aschaffenburg in order to hunt more after Hasheem Nassan, who is under suspicion of murder.© Police

police Commissioner Kathrin Thamm confirmed the Local-Portal primavera24.de that after they were broadcast a total of 15 notices were received. “Aktenzeichen XY” concretized itself this statement and explained in the ZDF Teletext: “Although there is much evidence that the 44-sold Year abroad. But several XY-viewers are convinced that the suspects in the past few days in Germany.“

to be a possible second offender notices have been issued. “We now have the new information at this second, possible suspects since the investigations are in full swing,” says Thamm.

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murder case Mezgin: police are looking for via the “aktenzeichen XY” – father still in urgent need of suspicion,

Update from 10. January 2019, 07.38 PM: On Wednesday, the case of the murdered Mezgin Nassan (16), it was shown from Aschaffenburg in “aktenzeichen XY” on ZDF. The police Aschaffenburg revealed new Details.

According to the Moderator Rudi Cerne, the criminal investigation Department is examining the involvement of agents. A police spokeswoman said in the evening, to go the “ECO Rucksack” is also intensive in this Point. The involvement of a possible Mittäters.

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“aktenzeichen XY”: Incriminating evidence released

Haupttätter Mezgins father Hasheem Nassan (44) is still under suspicion. In “aktenzeichen XY” was well known, what is the evidence Year a burden on the father of the 16 -. He should have Mezgin in the trunk of his blue Peugeot with the number plate STARTING with YM 564, which has a conspicuous Dent in the hood, into the forest of dangers. Furthermore, he is said to have then replaced the trim panel of the Luggage compartment, to tracks, such as Rudi Cerne said on Wednesday evening.

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The police are looking for Aschaffenburg, according to witnesses who have observed Nassan during Transport. Also, people who have sold the used shelf, can help. For information on the whereabouts of the man of 10,000 Euro are exposed to a reward. Hasheem Nassan is sought by an international arrest warrant. The corresponding telephone number for information the 06021/8571731.

man in Osnabrück missing: police are searching with a helicopter and call for more Details

Update vom 30. December 2018, 18.05 PM: nearly two weeks Ago, discovered stroller the body of the since may of 2017, the missing 16-year-old Mezgin Nassan. Against the strongly suspects the father of an international arrest warrant, yet he is walking free. Now, investigators resort to a tried-and-tested method. By the TV show “aktenzeichen XY” is hoping the Soko “backpack” notes on the stay of the suspects in the murder Hashem Nassan, such as image reports.

In the next broadcast of the ZDF broadcast on may 9. January the criminal case is presented on the basis of a short film. Viewers can then log notes and discoveries live on TV.

In the case of the broadcast of the last edition of the “aktenzeichen XY” were out of hot tracks to a rape in Wuppertal, Germany. Two callers reported independently the same potential offenders name, such as tz.de* reported.

Update 20. December, 13.30 PM: The police have an APB out In the country and abroad, according to the suspect’s father. The investigators of a crime of violence. The search for the 44-Year-old is continuing, a police spokesman said on Thursday. It calls with Instructions for the officials not to be received, a hot lane is but including. The ten-member investigation Commission “backpack” of values now tracks and hear witnesses.

girl in Aschaffenburg found dead – mother speaks about suspicion against Ex-husband

Update 20. December, 6.23 PM: Hevin N., the mother of the since may of 2017, missing Mezgin Nassan, speaking about her family and the Disappearance of her daughter. The image (warning, paywall) reported that Hevin N. does not want to believe that her Ex-husband was supposed to have killed the girl. “He has you beat sometimes, but he would kill our daughter never”, – quotes the mother to Bild.de . In addition, she said that her Ex-husband is currently allegedly in Istanbul is. “He sent me a Video. It shows how he is dancing there.“

passers-by find body of missing property girl (16) – suspicion against father

Update 19. December, 17.21 PM: Against the suspects father, a former international arrest warrant, according to investigators. It is a matter of enforcement final imprisonment of nine months, which the district court of Aschaffenburg on 17. May 2017 against him have been imposed. The court to have him found guilty, his daughter, in may and June 2016, the beat and bruising inflicted, and in these cases, you also threatened.

corpse Fund in Aschaffenburg: skeleton belongs to missing 16-Year-old

Update 19. December, 15.17 PM: The police headquarters lower Franconia reported: After intensive investigation on the occasion of the skeletal discovery, on find mountain CID Aschaffenburg and the Prosecutor’s office can do now, further details on identity. Accordingly, it is the since may of 2017, the missing 16-year-old Mezgin Nassan.

The search for Hashem Nassan, the father of the pupil, runs on suspicion of attempting and a full homicide ended.

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relatives had reported the 16-Year-old on that Thursday afternoon to the police as missing after she had not come to the vocational school to home. The police had search in the subsequent period, including leaflets, according to the Syrian youth at the vocational school. In addition, large-scale search operations with a police helicopter and divers from police and fire brigade in the area of Aschaffenburg Ebert had been bridge to be fruitless.

Mezgin Nassan killed: Now the urgent suspicion against the father

In the urgent suspected to be for the death of the girl responsible, is now 44 years of age father, Hashem Nassan. According to him, is already wanted by the police since the beginning of June 2017 with arrest warrant on suspicion of attempted manslaughter to the detriment of the 23-year-old former friend of the 16-Year-old.

+ The police in Aschaffenburg in order to hunt more after Hasheem Nassan, who is under suspicion of murder.© Police

The suspect is said to have then taken in the night to Friday (02.06.2017) with the 23-Year-old at the Aschaffenburger Floßhafen and him with a stabbing weapon in the neck area severely injured. The 23-Year-old, also Syrian nationals, had been found by local residents and from the emergency service in a hospital. After the fact, immediately launched investigation measures remained up to now without result.

Haibach/Aschaffenburg: stroller a body found in the forest

Update 17. December 2018, 12.20 PM: According to the Skeleton detection in a forest near Aschaffenburg, Germany, combed on Monday morning, hundreds of würzburg willingness to police the area in Haibach near Aschaffenburg, Germany. “We investigate in all directions. We also can not exclude a crime of violence,“ said police spokesman Michael Zimmer on the edge of the Absuchaktion. Of determination tactical reasons, one could not say at this time. However, you’ve already reconciled the missing cases from the Region with the funeral Fund.

Could it be the missing student from Aschaffenburg?

Like the Bavarian broadcasting reported, could play to the Fund for two missing cases. The public service media institution called the Disappearance of Brigitte Volkert from Burgsinn in the district of Main-Spessart, and the Disappearance of a 16-year-old student from the Region around Aschaffenburg. The Syrian girl has been missing since the beginning of 2017.

first message from the 17. December: the police in lower Franconia, it is only now reported, had walkers on Sunday, may 9. December, a body in the woods between Haibach and the Aschaffenburg district of Gailbach found. You must have been there for a while, because of her only the skeleton is left.

The body in the case of Aschaffenburg, was Away from the walking path

Walker, a 28-year-old man and his consort, made the grisly discovery a little Off of the path. Immediately, the witnesses called the police.

Now the police determined Aschaffenburg. A post-mortem examination of the skeleton will be made, according to the police this week. Today, Monday, the police will search the forest around the site. The officials hope to learn more about the possible Background of the dead.

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