The storming of Grozny: how Vladimir Chabanov became the Hero of Russia

Heroes 01/02/20 the Storming of Grozny: how Vladimir Chabanov became the Hero of Russia

Despite the fact that awarding the high title of Hero of Russia became for Vladimir Chabanova surprise, it actually was natural. Shepherds dedicated to the armed forces all his life, and in 1995 during the Chechen conflict was the feat.

the Career of a hereditary military

Mr Shepherd was born in 1967 in the town of Krymsk in Krasnodar region. Today the Crimean high school № 2, where he studied Hero, bears his name. And in 1982 the Shepherds were ordinary graduate of the school, after graduating which he went to Kazan, where he studied at the Suvorov military school. Father Chabanova was also in the military, so this choice surprise no one called. 2 years later Vladimir moved to Leningrad and became a student of the higher military command school named after Kirov. Their service Vladimir Chabanov started in the far North, where he commanded a mechanized infantry platoon.

In 1993, Vladimir was sent to the North Caucasus military district, where he became commander of an infantry company. Cabanova had a chance to participate in the Ossetian-Ingush conflict, and keep watch at checkpoints, located at the Chechen border. And since the end of December 1994 Vladimir Chabanov took part in the First Chechen campaign. Then, Shepherds actually proved to be right in the thick of things, becoming one of the Central figures in the battle for Grozny.

the Battle for Grozny

4 Jan 1995 Vladimir Shepherds received the order from command to capture most high at that time, the building of the Grozny – 12-storey hotel. However, in the center of the city, where he was the object, it was necessary to first get. And the Shepherds took an unusual decision: the existing armored personnel carriers he got destroyed, and therefore not protected by fighters of the railway tracks. Appearancetion of the assault team headed by Cabanova was to the enemy a big surprise, so the building was taken almost without firing a shot.

But then the fighting broke out in earnest. During the first three hours after the militants returned to occupy the accommodation, Shepherds with their troops repelled enemy attacks 8. It was not until January 15. All this time Vladimir Chabanov has held the position. It is noteworthy that among comrades Chabanova died only two. But the rebels losses were more serious: 150 dead and destroyed armored vehicles. However, Vladimir A. also injured: doctors diagnosed for it injury and concussion. However, it remained in service until the very end.

the Short life of a Hero

In June 1995 Vladimir Chabanov was awarded the title of Hero of Russia and was awarded with the medal “gold Star”. However, the Shepherds have never boasted of his merits, and about the title of hero of the generally preferred to laugh it off. According to the recollections of friends, he didn’t even know about him to put public benefits. Shepherds just continued to serve their country like nothing happened. In the late 1990s, he graduated from Academy of the name Frunze, after some time, commanded a tank battalion. Later, however, Vladimir Anatolievich was appointed to a senior position in the Management training of Land forces.

Since the beginning of 2000-ies of the Shepherds actively engaged in the reconstruction of the mountain rifle divisions in the national army. But, as in Grozny, participated in this process most directly involved. So, in August 2007 Vladimir Shepherds in the composition of an infantry company made an ascention to Elbrus. It is therefore not surprising that ordinary soldiers Shepherds have always been a good example of how to be a real military. Unfortunately, in 2010, was not someone to be: Hero of Russia died suddenly as a result of the blockage is a clot.

Yulia Popova

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