What Russian guns can destroy the largest US aircraft carrier

Weapons 16/02/20 Wikimedia Someoe Russian weapons can destroy the largest US aircraft carrier

This project is officially “closed” until 2024: according to various reports, the most expensive carrier in the world, though adopted by the U.S. army, he was flawed – a real opportunity “Gerald R. Ford” does not coincide with engineered.

the Us military admit that they are against the Russian “aircraft carrier killer”, the missile defense system, the U.S. is virtually powerless.

“Conventionally bred”

“Gerald R. Ford”, according to the publication “Task and Puprose”, “disabled Russia”: that our domestic intelligence services have become known the most vulnerable features of the vehicle, and because of his adoption of the military experts considered that it was premature.

according to Western media, the “Gerald R. Ford” “watched” the Russian Oceanographic ship “Viktor Leonov”. American company NBC News, commenting on the official version of the Pentagon about this, doubted the intelligence capabilities of the vessel: according to the journalists, the “Leonov” it was not serious equipment for exploration, the most that was capable Russian airliner is to listen to the talks on the aircraft carrier, not more.

Why the carrier was not justified

According to the Agency “Bloomberg”, adopted by the US army in 2017 battleship “Gerald R. Ford” immediately showed its inefficiency – because of the shortcomings had problems with raising into the air multi-role fighters FA-18, with the result that the timing of the commissioning of the aircraft carrier was shifted by a few years.

“Bloomberg”, citing data from the U.S. Department of defense reported that the designers of this aircraft carrier miscalculated with the functional abilities of the ship – it was initially supposed that his catapult is designed for more than 4 thousand launches fighters, but in the end this number was reduced 100 times. Also the designers nhaputale with the number of landing FA-18 – really “Gerald R. Ford” can only withstand 25 landing of the aircraft, although initially calculated on 1600.

the Domestic TV channel “Russia” reports that in addition to the aircraft carrier U.S. Department of defense ordered another 3 of the same ship, the total cost of construction exceeds $ 40 billion.

do I Need to prepare for the destruction of aircraft carrier “Gerald R. Ford”

According to the U.S. Navy, published by the Western media, the aircraft carrier spent nearly $ 13 billion, but almost a year he stood at the docks as the ship had to be refined and this process is not yet complete.

the Military expert, Robert Farley, analyzing for the Russian magazine “Science and technology” the characteristics of the carrier, notes that the main military opponents of the United States – Russia and China there is no need to drown “Gerald R. Ford”, as the carriers themselves as units of military equipment is futile. Farley is convinced that in case of a possible deterioration of relations between the two countries, the US aircraft carriers in military conflicts will not be used because of their high cost is the main drawback of this technique: these ships just to watch.

Farley said that the American aircraft carriers of the superclass are not unique – for example, in the Chinese army in the near future will be the second largest ship in the world. The military expert is convinced that the costs of the construction of such carriers in the USA have a negative impact on the defense policies of America, as they are impractical – such a costly technique is applicable only when a global military conflict that in the foreseeable future is not expected.

that is capable of “Zircon”

according to a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences Konstantin Sivkov, the domestic anti-ship hypersonic missile “Zircon”, able to accelerate to 8 speed of sound and cover a distance exceeding a thousand miles, has no analogues in the world and none of the existing carriers are not ableanii to protect themselves from it. Sivkov says: the ability to move through a particular trajectory allows the missile to overcome any missile defense system. It is reported that “Zircon” has already entered service of the Russian heavy nuclear-powered cruisers as “Peter the Great”.

According to British military expert Paul Harper, the only possibility for the carrier to remain unharmed in the midst of hostilities – is to be outside the target area “cubic Zirconia” (i.e., does not participate in the battle). The American edition The National Interest, specializing in the review of military equipment, results of this opinion: supercable U.S. Navy is a potential graveyard for sailors in case of attack by the Russian “Zircon”. Missiles SM-3 in service with the existing American aircraft carriers, capable of intercepting a target only if its velocity does not exceed 3 – 4M (from “Zircon,” she is in 2 times higher).

the predecessor of the “Zircon”, anti-ship missiles “Granit”, the armament of the Russian cruisers and nuclear submarines, has a speed of up to 2.5 M and a payload of up to 800 kg. according to experts, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. aircraft carriers can be destroyed only in case of a massive attack “Granites”.

the Edition of The National Interest reports that in the USA works on creation of hypersonic missiles, however, these projects are still not implemented – the last development of the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon ended with the explosion of the AHW, which unlike the “Zircon”, could not maneuver in flight.

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