The strangest rituals and superstitions of Russian miners

History 15/03/20 the strangest rituals and superstitions of the Russian miners

the Work of a miner has always been a threat. It is not surprising that representatives of this profession there are many signs, superstitions and rituals, which sometimes can seem strange and shocking.

the Most popular mining superstitions

the authors of the article “Cultural heritage of mining: mythology and religious traditions miners” N. To. Grinko, V. D. Grun and G. V. Lunev wrote: “In the cultural heritage of mining take their place mythology and religious

tradition. The bowels of the Earth have always been associated with superstition…”

for Example, you cannot wish Shakhtar good luck, if he goes to work. Instead, you should say: “by God!” Fortune may fail, but God will protect the man.

To accept that you cannot return from half way, the miners are taken very seriously. Shakhtar will never return to the halfway, even if you forget something important, like slo-food. Better he all day worked hungry.

But if a miner on the way to work you meet a woman in a white dress, then he has every right to take time off. The fact that the woman in white is associated with death and slaughter, and so death always walks beside him.

it is Not necessary to go on changing into new clothing is to the accident. So nothing happened, before changing to dunk the clothes into the groove.

it is Not recommended to displace too early: according to the saying, the sooner you go, the later will leave.

In the book of outfits not to sign in red ink. Probably because they are associated with blood.

Modern Russian miners never say: “last change” only “extreme.” Otherwise, the change may indeed be your last.

the Miners never sit, and especially not lie on the stretcher – it is believed that if something happens and the person on this stretcher and carry from the bottom.

the Miners on CMEdo not try unnecessarily not to answer the phone. It can cause unpleasant consequences. “Listen to ears — stamped with their feet,” say the workers of mining.

it is believed that it is impossible to go down into the mine on the eve of the holiday. Therefore, even if the miner in this day shift, he it comes out. About this tradition know everything.

If a miner survived three professional injuries, he should move to another job (on top) or just quit. According to legend, the fourth time no one could have survived.

Saints and guardian spirits of miners

“typical of mining dangers since ancient times not only gave rise to superstitious fears, but the piety of the miners, who regarded the particular Holy

the protectors, defenders of their lives and health, – report Grinko, Grun and Lunev. – The miners often dreamed about the intervention of supernatural forces to protect from natural hazards, indicate the ore-bearing lode, to save from the tyranny of the master of the mine”.

In Russia, the patron of miners are considered to be the Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Saint Macarius of Egypt, St. Procopius of Ustiug (in honor of him called the Kuzbass town of Prokopyevsk), and Saint great Martyr Ekaterina.

“a Lot of literary works, many mining legends, with mythical characters, like the mountain spirits, comment Grinko, Grun and Lunev in his article. – Before the miners they appear in different guise in the form of anthropomorphic (humanlike), zoomorphic and hybrid entities.”

And that’s what said on this subject M. Vlasov in the “Encyclopedia of Russian superstitions”

“perceptions of the mountain “owner”… common where there are mountain, underground mining, in the mining districts, in the Urals, Altai, Western and southern Siberia, In the opinion of miners-the miners, the Mining of small stature, with gray short beard, black face and red eyes; dressed in black or dark gray shirt… Sometimes it’s like hell… Mountain, according to legends, collects the riches of the earth in one place and the spell protects them. He admits or does not admit to the treasures of underground mineral resources, stalking not respecting him, banishes any people.”

the miner will never mine a cross, if you need to mark. It is believed that mountain spirits can’t stand Christian symbols. So instead of a cross, put a tick.

At the Donbass miners, a number of ritual superstitions associated with Shubin. Legends about him are recorded folklore collectors Boris Gorbatov and Leonid Zharikov.

Shubin is not a surname. In olden times there was a profession with the same name. Shubyni walked through the galleries with a candle or a torch, burning the methane to prevent its accumulation and explosions. In this case, to themselves not to palitsya, they wore the wrong coat with fur on the outside and periodically doused it with water.

Later, with the same purpose, the miners have to take to slaughter a cage with a Canary. Sensitive bird fainted, if the room is accumulated even a small amount of methane. It was a sign that you need to go upstairs. Now this function is performed by analyzers.

According to legend, one day during the change in mine methane explosion, and killed the whole team. The only survivor, a young man, Shubin, and people accused him of the tragedy. Then he hid in the mine, and most of it has never seen. And after death he became a spirit dwelling in the mines. Is Shubin people for some reason in the guise of a grizzled old miner “with a hook in his hands, how to drag the trolley”. Sometimes in the galleries heard his old man’s cough. A characteristic feature Shubin, distinguishing it from the common man, are brightly burning eyes and feet “hairy hoofs.”

Shubin helps his “colleagues”, warning about impending accidents and landslides. For this, the miners tell him his “Termocom”. But in addition, to gain the favor Shubin, it is necessary to observe some rules. For example, replacing the shaft, you first need to say Hello to him. If in the process, often collapses breed, so Shubin don’t like, to mined coal and is better to finish the work in this slaughter.

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