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the Conspiracy in the red army under the leadership of Marshal Mikhail Tukhachevsky for many years is the reason for many political speculations. One of the researchers is its innocent victim of Stalinist repression, the other confidently said that the conspiracy really was. At the same time, in this case, by and large, has a value of only one fact: Tukhachevsky was a German spy or not?


If an unbiased look at the case of Tukhachevsky, the reason for his arrest, in General, was the most serious. Officially known that the Marshal was arrested may 22, 1937. It took two days to deliver it to Moscow, and on may 25 took place the first examination. It Tukhachevsky was charged with anti-Soviet Trotskyite conspiracy and having links with the German General staff. The purpose of creating underground organizations, according to the indictment, was an attempt of violent seizure of power, with the military defeat of Germany and Poland. Most interesting is that the next day, may 26, 1937, M. N. Tukhachevsky in writing confirmed the validity of all the charges against him. Moreover, in his statement, he promised to cooperate with the investigation and specify all participants in the conspiracy. However, the investigation was very brief: June 12 M. N. Tukhachevsky and a group held him in the case of the higher commanders of the red army were shot. It is obvious that within two weeks, investigators have received from Marshal the data, which later began the famous Shoe army. It should be noted that I. V. Stalin could not do otherwise, and to his arrest, Tukhachevsky shall not he, and Hitler, against friendship with the Soviet leadership which, incidentally, were active.

a Difficult choice

During the investigation, M. N. Tukhachevsky quite a detailed account of how he created the underground organization and what she pursued. His relationship with the Germans was never in doubt, as the Marshal often visited Germany, and, of course, was familiar with its top military leadership. However, from time to time is not caused in the Soviet Union is no misunderstandings, because on the eve of the Second world war, the two countries signed a peace Treaty of non-aggression, held joint parades and outwardly maintain the appearance of normal relations between the two countries. But the situation looked just from the outside. In fact, at this time, Hitler pondered painfully on whom to attack in the first place – Europe or the Soviet Union. From choosing the first victim of aggression depended on who needed to be friends at this point in time. About it in his memoirs, wrote the head of the political intelligence of the Third Reich, Walter Schellenberg, in whose words no doubt. In that case, if Hitler decided to move closer to the West, the Soviet Union began active Tukhachevsky. However, Hitler decided to attack Europe and therefore simply handed Tukhachevsky and Stalin. He, on the one hand, strengthened the position of Stalin and, on the other provoked a purge in the army, weakening it before the war.

“Red folder”

the Dirt on Tukhachevsky, which included recording his conversations with the officers of the German General staff, according to Schellenberg, was transferred to the Soviet Union in may 1937. Sanction for the transfer of Russian extensive records, collected subordinates, Admiral Canaris, was given personally by the Fuhrer. Today it is difficult to say, had been transferred to the materials true or false, but the fact that the dirt there was really no doubt. According to the Walter Schellenberg, to transfer in the Soviet Union, and for the money, was I thought the whole special operation. Documents from Germany went to Prague and Paris, and then with the participation of the President of Czechoslovakia, went to Moscow. What should have taken Stalin, having received such information. Idle, he could not, it would be considered a weakness. He had only one thing to arrest a German spy, who showed the Germans themselves. True, perhaps, he did this not without personal satisfaction, having the chance to deal with possible rival for power. Today, you can hear the opinion that there was no conspiracy, no compromising. But the smoke without fire does not happen, especially in the fight for power. And lying to the Germans was useless. They played the game, which at the last moment made a bet on Stalin, not on Tukhachevsky. Broken pieces removed from the field. Hitler, Stalin and Tukhachevsky knew the rules of the game, the last lost. Moreover, losing, confessed everything.

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