History 20/03/20 “Strangler million” why so called Vyacheslav Molotov

It was called “shadow of Stalin”, he directly influenced world politics and was the second person in the USSR. The CIA offered him 100 thousand dollars as an advance for his memoirs, but Molotov was not one of those who can be bought.

Mandolin revolution

Molotov is often called the “shadow of Stalin”. Their fates are indeed many Parallels. But links and the early party activities, they have in common is that they both in his youth wrote verses. Molotov and even played musical instruments. Vyacheslav Skryabin (Molotov’s real name) even got a musical education. It helped him make ends meet during his exile in Vologda. Wormed his way into the company of street musicians, he began to play in the “ensemble” on the mandolin. The group performed in restaurants. The money was paid not a lot, but the musicians were hungry. Stalin later joked about Molotov: “You’re drunk merchants played you in the face with mustard smeared”. Stalin loved a good joke.

a Gun

the Revolutionaries of the old school – people are special. “Nails would make of these people.” Their habits they are already invested with authority and power, were kept for life. Molotov, as foreign Minister, always carried a revolver with him. His day and night was surrounded by a numerous retinue, dozens of security personnel, but the habit of putting before sleep, the revolver under the pillow stayed with him. It was hardly a fear for themselves. “I’ve had my share of fear even before the revolution,” said Molotov. Rather, a heightened sense of responsibility and understanding of their significance.

Relations with his wife

Molotov was married to Polina Semyonovna Zhemchuzhina. Extraordinary woman, the first woman Minister, the real name of pearl S. Karpovskaya. As you can see, the alias she took me by name. Polina was a close friend of Nadezhda Alliluyeva was the last person Alliluyeva spoke in front of himselfubiistvom. This might have played a role in a special relation to it of Stalin. In 1948, Pearl was charged that “for a number of years were in criminal relations with Jewish nationalists” and received five years of exile. Along with it was arrested by her relatives, brother, sister and two nephews.

For the arrest of Molotov’s wife became a real tragedy, but to go on open confrontation with Stalin Vyacheslav Mikhailovich did not. Two months after the arrest of his wife, he was dismissed and Molotov lost most of its influence. In a personal conversation with Stalin, during the investigation in the case of Gem, the “great helmsman” advised Vyacheslav divorce with a Pearl. Molotov agreed. Perhaps the only thing that saved the future of the family. The pearl was not shot.

In 1953, began to thicken the clouds already over by Molotov. At the XIX Congress Stalin criticized the work of the Molotov. Experienced apparatchik, Molotov could not guess what was coming. Pearl was transported to Moscow, where she was questioned about a former husband. The situation changed following Stalin’s death. Lavrenty Beria at the request of Molotov was released Polina.

Molotov survived the wife for 16 years. During the illness of the Pearl he daily visited her. Personal car Molotov then were given to the sick wife, the former “second man in the Soviet Union” went by train and bus.

Writing letters

Quality, which Molotov was not to take away – it’s amazing tenacity and discipline. After he was on the sidelines, during his work in Mongolia and Vienna, Molotov periodically wrote letters to the Central Committee with his analysis of the situation. The letters no one answered, but the hammers continued their seemingly Sisyphean task. Since the expulsion from the party, to her in her recovery, Molotov persistently wrote a petition to recovery. A quarter of a century. Only in 1984, Chernenko, wanting must show their independence, restored Molotov in the party. This has created among the people of the joke: “CheerNenko is preparing a successor”. At that time Molotov was 94, Chernenko was his age at 21.


Molotov was a survivor. He was the last of “Lenin’s cohort”. All life adheres to a daily routine and discipline, he left us the “secret of youth”.

Molotov got up at 6:30 a.m., within 20 minutes of working out on the air. After Breakfast, about an hour walking in the woods, then read the papers. Two-hour stay. And again, a work Desk, and books, books. Reading Molotov was devoted not less than 6 hours a day.
– I’m aware of all the events, – said Molotov. – I was inspired by the changes in our lives. It’s a shame that age and health do not allow to participate actively in them. The older the person becomes, the more he wants to be useful to society… I Have a happy old age. I want to live to a hundred years.”

Not signed

the hammers were a record for the number of signed death list. 372. Until the end of life people on the street recognized Molotov and often could not resist not to say something furious accusatory remark about “executioner” and “the oppressor of millions.” Molotov, to his credit, he treated these attacks with restraint and understanding. In interviews, he has repeatedly admitted that the excesses were, but “either they us, or we them.”

the Only, but a loud case of “not signing” happened in 1939. Lavrenty Beria provoked the so-called “players”, accusing the players of “Spartak” brothers Starostin in subversive terrorist activities and the attempted assassination of Stalin. Then the players were saved from punishment only the intervention of the Molotov. Vyacheslav Mikhailovich did not sign the arrest warrant. Molotov’s daughter went to school with Eugenia, daughter of the Starostina. However, this story is known to us only according to Starostin… In 1939 with Molotov were more important things than signing-not signing orders.

Loyal Stalinist

the hammers until the end of life remained a faithful Stalinist. With Stalin he had a long friendship. Vyacheslav M. was the only one who could call Stalin “on you”. Even after the arrest of his wife and opals Molotov did not back down from his views. Habit is not to retreat from their positions was important in the life of Molotov. He spoke of Stalin as a wise and even brilliant man, Khrushchev considered narrow-minded and uneducated. It is striking that the Stalinist left, and the wife of Molotov. Indeed, people of indomitable will.

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