Was really barely Lenin's illegitimate children

History 20/03/20 was really barely Lenin illegitimate children

the Figure of Lenin in the Soviet Union was a cult. Meanwhile, in the biography of the leader of the proletariat, there are many white spots that still remain.

the Origin of Lenin

Lenin Himself allegedly claimed that comes from a Russian family with Orthodox roots. However, the writer Marietta Shaginyan’s book, “the Ulyanov Family” ascribes to him the Kalmyk origin – at least, according to his father.

According to another version, in the family of Ulyanov was the Germans and the Swedes. His grandfather, Aleksandr Dmitrievich Blank, according to sources, was married to Anna Grossshopf, daughter of Johann Grossshopf, in the late EIGHTEENTH century, moved to St. Petersburg from the North of Germany, and Swede by the name of Estedt. By the way, Grasshoppa was in relationship with famous writers Heinrich and Thomas Mannami.

But the most popular Jewish version of the origin of Lenin, based on the maiden name of his mother the Form.

Already in the post-Soviet era surfaced archival documents that Lenin’s great-grandfather on my mother’s side was a Jew, baptized in Orthodoxy. At birth his name was Israel Moyshevich. His sons Abel and Israel in baptism received the names Dmitri and Alexander. The latter was a physician and the father of Mary the Form.

In fact, say opponents of the “Jewish” version, there were two Alexander Dmitrievich Blank. One of them was indeed a baptized Jew, and the other belonged to the Orthodox merchant family. He was by profession a physician and in 40 years has managed to attain the rank of court counselor giving him the right to hereditary nobility (Form-a Jew was never in public service and law on nobility were not). Here he had the father of Mary Uljanovoj.

the Bastard children of Lenin

According to official data, children of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and his wife Nadezhda ConstantineAries Krupskaya never had. However, there is a hypothesis that the younger son of a revolutionary Inessa Armand from her second husband Vladimir Armand – Andrew – was actually the son of Lenin. And he knew about it. Supposedly the youngest son of Andrew Armand and his wife Heeny even named him in honor of his grandfather. In childhood, the boy was very similar to Volodya Ulyanov high-school picture.

In fact, Andrew Armand could not be the son of Lenin: he was born in 1903 and Lenin and Inessa Armand met only in 1909. At least, the descendants of Armando relationship with the leader completely denied.

In 1998, a resident of Berlin Alexander Steffen gave an interview to the journalist Arnold Messy. He told that he is the son of Lenin, and again, Inessy Armand.

According to Steffen, he was born in 1913, when Inessa Armand was already widowed. At the age of seven months he gave to the family of an Austrian Communist. In the spring of 1920 Alexander in Salzburg visited his own mother. She brought with her a letter addressed to Lenin, who wrote in 1913 in Paris, and asked him to keep in memory.

In 1928 some unknown men took Alexander to America. Subsequently, Steffen came to the conclusion that these strangers had been sent by Stalin. Alexander became an American citizen in 1943 he volunteered in the army until 1947 he served at the naval base in Portland.

In 1959, died the wife of Steffen, and he moved to the GDR, where he willingly granted citizenship and a good apartment. Later Steffen invited to a reception for General Secretary of the Socialist unity party of Germany Walter Ulbricht, who said that he was aware of the origin of Alexander. And in 1967, he met in Berlin with Brezhnev, who gave him the order of Friendship of peoples and firmly kissed him.

But how true is this “German” version? First, there is no record of the birth of a child from Inessa Armand at the specified time. Second, none of her environment does not mention the baby. Nakhonthe EC, in 1920, Armand was in Moscow and anywhere did not leave from there. But Brezhnev’s visit in the GDR took place not in 1967, and in 1971!

Lenin’s Death

Lenin died at the age of 53, after a long illness. According to the official version, his illness was the result of an assassination attempt on the leader eserki Fanny Kaplan, who allegedly shot him with a poisoned bullet. However, the shot came six years before his death.

it is known that the death was caused by pathological changes of cerebral vessels. The leader has survived three strokes, his brain literally turned into a lump of lime.

Only in the 90-ies of the last century there were other versions. One of them was the fact that the real cause of Lenin’s death, became a household syphilis, which he contracted at the age of 32, being in exile in Paris. The symptoms are quite consistent with the clinical picture of this disease. However, there are data of the survey conducted in 1923 by the great German neurologist M. Nonna. He claimed that he had not found the Soviet leader no signs of neurosyphilis.

also Talked about heredity. The fact that Lenin’s father Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov – also died from a brain hemorrhage, and about the same age – 54 years.

the Most controversial hypothesis says that Lenin was killed by Stalin – probably poisoned. It seemed to be hinted in the second half of 50-ies N.With. Khrushchev. But was there any sense in the physical elimination of a sick helpless person? Because Stalin already was in power…

Around every public personality is always a lot of rumors and myths. And, of course, the first head of the Soviet state was not an exception. Probably unsolved mysteries for a long time will be to haunt the descendants.

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