Almost everyone knows this song: in 1966, the singing Duo The Walker Brothers “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine (Anymore)”. A Song, with the singer Frankie Valli a year earlier not noticed. But in the new Version, it was a huge Hit and reached in the UK, even the top of the Charts. The group around the singer Scott Engel and John Maus has not changed the Song great, just an ordinary shovel Bombast added and a pinch of gloom adds a global hit is still part of the Repertoire of Oldies stations.

The Bombastic and the Dark are two basic components that played in the further career of the Scott angel is a role that should call now Scott Walker. Between 1967 and 1969, the Briton released four solo albums, which were heavily inspired by the French Chanson, and also cover versions of Jacques Brel contained. The style came from the audience: in The first three albums, “Scott (1967) and “Scott 3” (1969) reached number 3 in the charts, with “Scott 2”, was the singer with the distinctive baritone of 1968, even to the top of the Album Charts.

Scott Walker at the height of the

at the end of the ‘ 60s, Scott Walker’s popularity was so great that he even got his own TV Show. But then he struck a path that would bring him in over the years in ever more remote regions: “Scott 4” was the previous recipe for success, and contained only original compositions, the lyrics were sometimes erratic. With his other publications, he lost his audience, Walker disappeared in the commercial insignificance. Be 1983, and the Virgin recorded the Album “Climate of Hunter” is considered to be the worst-selling record in the history of the label. The musician had become so unsuccessful that he compared himself with the British film Director Orson Welles: “You want to have lunch with me, but no one wants to Finance the Film,“ he said in an Interview.

Walker stopped for a longer period of time, until 1995, he was with the experimental “Tilt” a sign of life. In the meantime, he had acquired by his consistent way great Reputation as an artist and Innovator. Walker was for the younger generation of musicians interesting. So he worked in 1999 on the Soundtrack to the James Bond Film “The world is not enough” and produced the 2001 Album “We Love Life” of the Brit-Pop Band Pulp.

His next publications, “The Drift” (2006) and “Bish Bosch” (2012) were celebrated by music critics and cemented Walker’s reputation as an uncompromising artist. In the UK they managed even in the Top 100. At the end of his life, the British reaped the harvest of his consistent path. And the music world reacted with dismay to the news of his death. Scott Walker died on the weekend at the age of 76 years, of cancer of the liver.


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