The temple of XII century BC found in Israel

Photo: depositphotos/krugloff

the Researchers were able to detect the temple of XII century BC. About it RIA Novosti reported, citing the message of the Israel antiquities authority.

it is Known that the discovery was made by Professor Yosef Gurfinkel together with a group of archaeologists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Ruins were found at the site of bronze age settlement in the Lachish district of the Israeli city of Kiryat gat.

“Only once in 30 or forty years we are able to detect the Canaanite temple in Israel. What we found, is a new way to look at how the region lived in ancient times. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this discovery,” said Professor Gurfinkel.

it is Noted that in the temple were found in 6 of the remaining columns. In addition, the researchers found two bronze statues, jewelry, axes, and gold-plated container for liquids with an inscription of Ramses II.

the press service of the Israel antiquities authority say that around the temple in ancient times there were many settlements of the bronze age. Now this place is open national Park, tel Lachish.

Lachish was one of the most important Canaanite cities. The settlement was mentioned in the Bible and ancient Egyptian sources.

Israeli archaeologists have managed previously and discover the temples of Canaanite culture in Nablus, Megiddo and tel Hazor. The present discovery at Lachish different from the previous rectangular shape and several side rooms. Clarifies that a similar principle was later erected the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

Earlier in Israel have unearthed a wine “factory” of the crusaders. The age of the ancient winery is estimated at 700 years.

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