It should be “Germany’s largest Mallorca-Party”, the ZDF promised for the current issue of “TV garden” no less than “game, fun and the latest Party Hits”. Everything has a on the ball man rank and name was charged to Mainz on the lerchenberg: Mickie Krause, Jürgen Drews, Peter Wackel, Jürgen Milski, Markus Becker, Tim Toupet, Anna-Maria Zimmermann, The tip of jacks, Lorenz, Buffalo, and Mia Julia, to name just a few of the guests. The viewers could make on a good load of mirth in focus.

Mia Julia Brückner As impressive on the ball man distances himself-singer of the Nazis Of Carsten Heidböhmer

But there was that: Perhaps the weather God had an understanding with musically a little more sensitive people. He opened all the locks and forced a crash of the Party. The artist had to completely set the stage drenched leave. On Twitter, the course of the storm is well documented.

of The ZDF”TV garden” was launched with music and Games

the broadcast had Started in good weather, Ex-“Big Brother”-Star Jürgen Milski, opened the series, according to him, Mia Julia, cared for by mood. After a few silly games Anna-Maria Zimmermann ran was allowed.

To 12.40 PM it started to rain. First of all, the Show went even further, however. It was only when the rain had not stopped after 30 minutes, still, were brought to the singer with umbrellas to Dry.

The television garden has now been evacuated because of an impending storm, the audience had to leave the premises. Most of them had, however, discontinued on the rain: they had, as a precaution, brought umbrellas and rain jackets.

Of the ball, man-Stars, but not the good mood spoil: After a short Pause, it had made the Stars in the cottage cosy, and it was indoors and played more. It looked then like this:

Because that wasn’t planned at all, it rumbled a little bit, but the fact of the joy of Music with no crash. So the shipment could be brought to a regular end. At 13.50 PM as planned. The relief was to be regarded for all Involved.

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