those Who today visited Rwanda, she sees first, barely, the shadow of the past. Rather a lot of light and glitter. On the hills of the capital city of Kigali noble Restaurants, from which the view sweeps over the endless To and From the city. The streets are as clean as safe, motorcycle taxis via the App order, the cafes remind with large wooden tables and Laptops on it more to Brooklyn than to the green heart of Africa.

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The genocide, 25 years ago, as a from the 6. April 1994 were killed within 100 days at least 800,000 Tutsis by the Hutu, almost appears like a surreal nightmare. This really happened on these roads, that teachers dismembered their students? That UN-watched soldiers powerless, such as the coup murder orgies hordes celebrated? That pastor doused her believers with gasoline and lit? That family fathers cracks Embryos from the wombs of Pregnant women?

Different levels of Rwanda

“There are different levels in Rwanda,” says photographer Jonathan Torgovnik. “On the surface, the country is full of optimism, as the genocide no longer plays a role. But if one digs deeper, one finds a different truth.”

This truth to feel, has made Torgovnik to the task. He photographed perhaps the most difficult heritage of genocide: the Hutu militias raped women and the resulting children – according to estimates, there are at least 20,000 of them. From 2006 to 2008, Torgovnik was for the first Time in Rwanda. Now he has visited the women and their children. “That was for the families as well as for me, totally shattering, mainly because I could now speak with the children.”

his employment had Begun with the victims of rape, rather by accident. Torgovnik was in Rwanda to shoot a documentary about Aids. In doing so, he came in contact with a woman who told him of her rape by the militias. This woman had a daughter, and whose father was the tormentor.

This fate don’t let go of Torgovnik, and he decided to document the women and their children in word and image. The mothers told him about the endless rape of your death longings and also of the hatred feelings towards the children.

there is No claim on the help

In February 2007, printed in the star Torgovniks pictures and Interviews. The story gave the readers a large Echo. Many wanted to help the families.

Deeply impressed with Jonathan Torgovnik began together with local staff in Rwanda, a Foundation to help the Affected in the long term. “Since the children were born after the genocide, they were not considered formally as a Survivor of the genocide. That’s why you have some help from the state is not entitled,” said Torgovnik.

For more than ten years, this assistance will now Torgovniks “Foundation Rwanda”. The Foundation paid school fees or provides for psychological support. Around 850 young people could support the Foundation so far – also thanks to the 120,000 euros, donated by the readers of the star for the project so far.

Rwanda is reminiscent of the beginning of the genocide, 25 years ago, AFP

As Torgovnik now, the families re-visited, it was under different circumstances: did not Know most of the girls and boys twelve years ago, that they were born out of a rape, had told them that the mothers in the meantime. For many families, this confession was a cathartic experience. The today 24-year-old Alice, put it: “Deep down, I was sad – but also kind of glad to finally know the truth.”

love Actually

Still, many of the young women and men struggle with their identity – are you a Tutsi, so victims? Or Hutu, as the rapist? Also, the fact that many of the fathers sit in prison, is a difficult subject for the family. “That’s the Insidious thing about the rape,” said Jonathan Torgovnik, “the consequences are still being felt generations later.”

The relationships between mothers and children, however, have stabilized most of the Interviewees. “Before I had told my daughter from the rape, I felt hardly anything for you,” says Justine. “But now I feel love actually.”


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