On Tuesday, has been signed by Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee a bill recognizing composting as an alternative burial method of human Remains. Washington is the first American state to adopt this law. Previously, the law said in Washington that human Remains must be either by burial or cremation beige.

funeral home may offer from may 2022, the method of the natural organic reduction. The human body is mixed with substances such as wood chips and straw. After several weeks of a Erdgemisch with about one volume of two wheelbarrows arises. The Remaining can bury this Erdgemisch then, according to your preference, or, as well as after cremation is possible, disperse.

It is the most eco-friendly burial method

inventor of the method is the American architect and designer Katrina Spade. The idea of the alternative burial got you by the farmers, where the composting of dead livestock is a year long practice. In 2014, she founded the Urban Death Project, in order to make the adverse environmental impacts of conventional funeral carefully. Your company Recompose founded in 2017 with the aim to make eco-friendly composting accessible to all.

supporters of the composting say that a funeral or cremation pollute the environment extremely. In the case of the combustion of the human body, carbon dioxide is released into the air. In the case of a normal burial in the USA is only pumped the blood out of the body in order to replace it with formaldehyde and other chemicals, resulting in pollution of groundwater. Composting, by contrast, has a positive climate balance.

sources: “AP News”, Recompose



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