“It is much to big for my house.” With a stately painting of Doris Gerth from Pulheim comes on Monday to “Bares für Rares”. The Translator wants to get rid of the heirloom at last. “It is not my taste,” she says about the dark art that represents the great-great-great-great-great-uncle of her deceased husband. However, it is not the canvas but the frame for a Surprise.

Moderator Horst lights is impressive by the size of the painting, the could fill out a door. “It’s a great thing. So a painting in a frame belongs in a large building,” he says. Seller Gerth don’t know about the artwork and the imaged Relatives a lot. “He has lived in Wroclaw, and Szczecin, and was a merchant,” says the 59-Year-old. But “Bares für Rares”expert Colmar Schulte-Goltz can help.

“Bares für Rares”,-the expert makes a Surprise

“For me, it is the image of a man who came to prosperity. Otherwise, he would not have to paint,” says the expert. The portrait was heavily darkened, that’s why it seem very gloomy. However, it is painted extremely fine. “The artist Adolf Zimmermann is a well-known painter, who was everywhere active in Germany, and his craft of mind,” he says, and dated the image to 1859. Unfortunately, the canvas on the way a couple of damage and lower the value.

“What do you want for it?”, Horst Lichter asks the seller. The is surprisingly modest: “Between 350 and 500 Euro.” Too little, and how expert Schulte explains Goltz and provides his Expertise for a big Surprise. “It has a great frame that is made with gold leaf. The is 800 to 1000 euros”, explains he. The painted man take as “by-catch”. The total value he estimated on 1500 to 1800 euros. But what traders are willing to pay for?

Susanne Steiger and Julian Schmitz-Avila in the bidding clinch

“Impressive frame”, says Julian Schmitz-Avila, when he sees the work of art. Also the other dealers are thrilled. Walter “Waldi” Lehnertz starts with 450 euros, but quickly the bids shoot up. Susanne Steiger and Schmitz-Avila to deliver a bidding battle that ends in a small skirmish. As he offers 1150, he asks the seller: “What do you say?” However, climbers do a sliding tackle in between and beats him with 1200 Euro. “The power of the Susanne always. Always when I ask, she comes up with a bid. Then the tell me before,” he responded in a Huff and with 1250 Euro. But Susanne is not on his attack, but responds with a new commandment:1300 Euro. “I’m out,” says Schmitz-Avila, visibly pissed.

But in the case of the two disputants is at the end of everything good. “This is one of the most amazing frame we have had here ever,” says Schmitz-Avila, recognizing the to Steiger. Can’t resist a little jab: “that’s Why I bought it.”



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