It is a hot iron, the new-elected President of the Federal chamber of physicians, Klaus Reinhardt, touched in his first Interview. Because he wants the patient to the purse. Not all, but those who take his opinion too often and unnecessarily in the waiting rooms of your doctor place. “Not every visit is meaningful,” said Reinhardt in an Interview with the magazines to the Funke media group.

Given the limited number of Doctors in Germany, one has to wonder whether those who sit unnecessarily in the waiting room, act in solidarity, so Reinhardt more. His proposal: an economic, socially responsible participation of the patient. More specifically, the 59-Year-old has not been first.

Reinhardt: “The practice fee has to work” Interview with Tobias Esch physician about digital medical records: “patients have to believe the biggest right to this Knowledge”

Reinhardt, one can influence the behavior of patients, if you are involved you can visit with a small amount of money to see a doctor. He had observed in countries where there is such participation, explained the General practitioner and Chairman of the Hartmann Federal government. He plays, among other things, to Norway, where patients have to pay for each doctor visit, a fee of about 15 euros. Are exempt children under 16 years of age and Pregnant women. Sweden has set itself a similar model.

A similar Instrument existed in Germany before. Between 2004 and 2012, a fee of ten euros had been collected – but only once in a quarter. “The practice fee has, in principle,” says Reinhardt, looking back. It was only incorrectly organized – that could make them more intelligent. The political goal is to educate patients, to dispense with trivia on it to go to the doctor, was at least in Parts. As the practice fee was again increased, the number of visits to the doctor, so Reinhardt, who operates in Bielefeld in your own GP practice. It is all the more important that the patient learn, to be responsible with the resource of the doctor to deal.

Who goes when and why to the doctor

The free-to-doctor access Reinhardt is not in question. “But you have to look closely, who goes when and why to the doctor.” The successor of Frank Ulrich Montgomery knows that his idea is in the medical Profession controversial. Regardless of he has achieved with his approach but in any case: The topic is back on the table and is expected to provide between politicians, Doctors, insurance companies and patients in the coming weeks and months for plenty of discussion.

sources: “Hamburger Abendblatt”

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